Thursday, April 26, 2012


When I was at the GWWIB conference, I got a pencil case from the Levo League. [Side Note #1: I love the Levo League. Side Note #2: It was filled with makeup and solved this problem.]

The pencil case was beautiful. I'm not sure if my description will do it justice. The one I got is the brown one and it's honestly tinted a little bit burgundy; it's super cute. It's also way more durable than plain cotton, it's more like waxed cotton. The contrasting inside and side panels are bold and fun!!!

I loved how they personalized the pouch with their Twitter handle!

Invite.L has tons of super innovative products.

Top to Bottom:

Check out everything else they have to offer! The best part is how affordable everything is. I feel like the products are similar to Graphic Image, but way better priced!



  1. Ohhh I love these! The bright colors are super cute :)

  2. Darling!! I think they'd be super cute for going out or even everyday.

  3. The problem with so many lovely colours - I want them all!


  4. Those wallets look awesome, I'm always on the hunt for bigger wallets since I carry around about 1000 things in mine!


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