Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dream Closets

I'm back home in Florida for the time being. Yay? It's the best and worst thing all at once. On one hand, it's so nice because I can take a mini-break. The first night back and I slept for thirteen (!!!) hours straight. Talk about exhaustion. After weeks of staying up really late working on school stuff, I finally have a tiny break. But on the other hand, I'm back home. I feel like I took a giant step back. (And frankly, I feel completely out of the loop.) Florida feels like a completely different world.

One of the stresses of moving back home is having to move back in.

It's definitely the best motivation to try to get back out of the house ASAP. As much as I love my family, I hate not having a schedule and I hate not having my own space. After living in a single dorm room for the past nine months, I got used to having a space entirely for myself. Yes, my room is much larger than that tiny dorm room (actually my closet is even bigger than the dorm room), but it's very much not my own room anymore.

This in-between feeling is making me lust after apartments and, mostly, closets!!!

There are tons of great "dream closets" on Pinterest, but I can't find any that haven't been sourced with some sort of spam link. Errrrrr. (Why do people ruin things like that???) I have found a few great images of closets AND some great links of how to organize and create your own dream closet! Swooning!!!

This makes me want have a single color closet. How easy would that be to get dressed in the morning? Oh and I just think the closet is beautiful.

This sliding shoe organizer is so brilliant. Martha Stewart is too clever! One thing is certain... I have too many shoes! I try to donate pairs of shoes that I don't wear anymore, but I find that more and more shoes end up coming in than out. Hmmm. Funny how that happens! 

I love this one as well. I like how clean and open it is. And everything that you need for one outfit is within reach!

This custom closet is bright and cheery. As much as I'd love to have space between my hangers, it never ends up happening!

This is my closet at home from a few years ago... it definitely does not look like this now!!! Trust me. It's a disaster. Literally, I'm not sure why it's causing me so much anxiety, but it is. I'm using this to remind me of happier (read: more organized) days.


Martha Stewart offers a ton of great articles about organizing closets.

This Real Simple post has 31 Ways to Make Over Your Closet. Great advice for anyone!

(And for fun, if you're really tight on space, Real Simple shows you how to utilize closets in different ways!)

No closet? A likely problem for recent graduates living in super tiny spaces in metropolitan areas. Here's an article from Apartment Therapy to help you out!


As I was pulling images for this post, I stumbled on some great celebrity closets. Which celebrity has your dream closet???



  1. I'm lazily putting together my dream closet. It's been like a 6 month process. AH!

  2. What I would give to have a closet like any of these!

  3. Ooh I like how you show closets of all sizes that are gorgeous in their own right. I like gaping at closets the size of small houses any day, but it's refreshing to see what one can do with more limited space! :)

  4. The one that has stuck with me the most is a photo of a closet with a washer/dryer in it! how practical!

  5. I would give up a couple books to have any of these closets

  6. I'm moving to a new city and I've been trying to find places with decent sized closets. Not like it's a deal breaker or that I'll have that much stuff, but as a girl it's awesome to have all that space! :)


  7. I love people who have closets big enough to have the hangers that allow space between teh clothes. I would need an entire room with the amount of clothes I have! I love closets, I am jonesing for a re-do of mine.

  8. I wish I had a closet! While I live alone, I live in a house that has a total of 2 closets...and not one in my bedroom! There's one in the back that keeps winter gear, vacuum, section for the kitchen table, folding chairs, etc. And a closet in the front, which stores sleeping bags, linen, pillows, etc. My room is so small, I don't even have a dresser!

  9. You have to change your "About Me" section to the right! It still says "I am a senior in college..." You're graduated now! (:

  10. I like the idea of an exposed closet. Mine's kind of messy now because I know I can always just shut the door. haha

  11. Have you seen Million Dollar Closets on HGTV?! I think it's a new series but you should seriously watch it. It follows this Hollywood closet designer around as she makes over celebrities closets. It's my new favorite show, and always has me drooling...

    x shelby

  12. I don't have big room, and my thing are always mess up which irritate me a lot because of less space. this was a best idea to have a custom closets in room so that i become easy to keep thing in it.

  13. We design custom closets and storage solutions to fit your needs, your lifestyle, and your taste closet manhattan.


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