Thursday, May 31, 2012

Great Gift

The other day I instagrammed (can we make that a verb?) my newest necklace. I am beyond in love with it and considering the comments, tweets, and emails I received inquiring about it... I figured I wasn't the only one!

It is honestly one of the most creative and most heartfelt pieces of jewelry! It's the "Favorite Place" necklace by Jill Massey from Sydney Buchanan. You choose a special place and the front of the necklace has the geographical coordinates and the back can have a message.

The picture shows the front and back of mine.

I chose the coordinates of Georgetown and the date that I graduated!

How awesome is that?

Other ideas:

Place of engagement
A special vacation
Your favorite city

I think this necklace would make a great gift for graduations, birthdays, special days, anniversaries, and more!

What city would you choose?


PS Using Google Earth to find the coordinates is really fun!


  1. This may be the most precious thing ever! I'm definitely ordering myself one!

  2. oh goodness, it would be so tough for me to choose. it would either be st. mary's (where i went to school and met my now husband), bordeaux (the city where i studied abroad and that stole my heart away), or negril jamaica (where we got married.)

  3. So cute! Post a pic wearing it...please! The website doesn't show it on a model and I can't tell the size of it. I want one!

  4. AH! Dying! This is absolutely perfect. I think when I move away I'd buy this and get the coordinates of Downtown Pittsburgh and my birthday, to always remember where I grew up for 22 years. :)


  5. What an awesome necklace! Even better gift idea

  6. Great idea! I definitely think I'll get this for someone.

  7. OBSESSED with this! definitely going to purchase!

  8. Totally in love with this idea. Going to give this to my friend as a graduation present with the coordinates of University of Florida :D

  9. Absolutely love this necklace! Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely be ordering myself one.


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