The Popover

A long time ago someone asked me this…  If I were a cartoon character, what would my character wear? (You know how cartoon characters wear the same outfit every single episode?) I thought it was the most creative question. I didn’t have a great answer then… but I think I do now. I’ve been wearing the…


Organize, Please… Nail Polish

It’s official. Sporty Sister and I have a major problem when it comes to nail polish. I don’t think the problem is that bad (sort of…) on our own, but when you combine our two collections it’s a little overwhelming. We like nail polish… a lot. And the real problem is that we have two…


Preppy Fourth of July Outfits

The countdown to the Fourth of July is officially on!!! Less than a week away! Picking out red, white, and blue outfits is always fun. Whether you’re spending the week at the beach, relaxing with friends & family, or going out at night, sporting red/white/blue is only appropriate for the fourth! Old Navy Straw Hat…


navy + leather

we’re having a party on the porch tonight! Shirt, J. Crew | Skirt, J. Crew (similar from Brooks Brothers) | Shoes, Anne Klein xoxo photos by Stacy A. Heitlinger



I took a digital art class at Georgetown during the fall of my junior year. We worked on a bunch of projects (most of which I really hated…). But the one thing that I really loved was learning new programs and working with the drawing tablet. I have to admit that I really struggled with the…


shades of…

PINK! This is the second installment of my “Shades Of…” series! Check out the first one on MINT! J. Crew Raindrop Lace Top | Kate Spade Stud Earrings Old Navy Sleeveless Top | Steve Madden Crossbody Anthropologie Denim Roll Ups Design Darling Bangle | Sperry Topsiders Pink is just one of those classic prep colors….


Building Your Perfect Stack

I’ve been a fan of stacking my bracelets for a long time. The first time I posted about my favorite stack was back in 2009… and my preferences have changed! It’s actually funny to see how they’ve stayed the same too. I used to be quite reluctant to wear any type of jewelry, but I’ve…


summer pajamas

Pajamas in the wintertime are the easiest things in the world. Flannel bottoms, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt if it’s extra chilly. Done. The more cozy the clothes, the cuter the look. (Even if nothing matches!) During the summer, things get a little trickier. Depending on the night and location, you can be freezing with air…


dark + stormy

Lilly Pulitzer Dark n’ Stormy Shift | Ann Taylor Espadrilles | Lilly Pulitzer Umbrella | Rain Jacket xoxo photos by Stacy A. Heitlinger