Friday, June 22, 2012


One of my biggest fears (probably top five...) is that I'm going to turn into a straight up hoarder. I'm talking, need-to-call-TLC-asap kind of hoarder. I love to keep things, especially when there are lots of memories attached to them. Which is practically everything.

I'm not kidding, I have to force myself to throw away stuff. I recently got rid of ALL of my binders from middle school and high school. Just threw them all out without thinking twice. See ya.

Clothes are especially challenging. I love seeing a piece of clothing and remembering all the fun places I wore it! I went through my closet and pulled my TOP FIVE favorite pieces of clothing of all time. These are clothes that I not only love (let's face it, I don't have much in my closet that I'm not in love with), but that I also had a great memory attached to it!

ONE | Lilly Pulitzer dress

I love just about everything. The material, the length, the details. It's definitely a different dress and I think that's another reason why I like it!!! 

THE MEMORY | Senior Prom

TWO | Rowing Blazer

This is just so different and oh so special to me. I will likely never wear this again, but it's pretty much amazing.

THE MEMORY | Henley Royal Regatta (2010)

(missing one of the guys!)

THREE | Lilly Pulitzer shift

I can't get over this print. I wish I had bought more in the pattern. The giraffe print is fun without being overly giraffe-y! 

THE MEMORY | (post) High School Graduation

(My dad wore the matching tie!)

FOUR | J. Crew Shorts

These were the first pair of J. Crew bottoms that I could fit into! After years of Gap Kids and Abercrombie Kids (seriously not so much fun when you're in high school), I was thrilled to wear a pair of shorts without them falling off!!! I used to try on clothes in J. Crew all the time just waiting for the moment when I could finally fit. It was a magical moment :)

They still fit, and I wear them frequently. While they are starting to look a little frayed... I just think they look loved.

THE MEMORY | First J. Crew shorts

(fun fact : this is the #1 google image for critter shorts!)

Last week on Instagram!

MEMORY | Lots of steps

I've worn these things for a LONG time. I love to think about all the different places they've been.

What are your top five pieces of clothing? What memories do you associate with them?



  1. Clothes with memories are the best kind of clothes to have! Thanks for sharing your stories. I love all of the pieces in this post!


  2. I agree, clothing with memories are the hardest to part with. I don't know if I could pick five, but my grad (prom in the US) dress would definitely be up there. I think you could still wear that blazer if you wanted though, I can think of so many things it would look cute with.

  3. I love that you wore Lilly to your prom!!

  4. what about making a quilt with clothes you don't wear anymore but still love?

  5. I have those exact same J.crew shorts. They used to be my mom's but they migrated over to my closet and I love them!

  6. I have the same problem! I've kept all of my notebooks and assignments from kindergarten on... I'm graduating college next spring and I don't have the heart to throw them away, but I also don't have the time to sort them :(

  7. I have a lot of trouble getting rid of clothes too. I have a few dresses that have sentimental value that I refuse to get rid of!

  8. very old jcrew catalogs (back in 2000's when I started wearing their clothes), Lacoste polos, and retail shopping bags....keep things because I am eventually moving out of parents home so I can do what I want with them

  9. I have the same sperries!! I would never let them go (even though I've only had them for about a year and a half). I also remember the first time I fit into something (namely shorts) from J Crew. I'm really small (4'11") to begin with, and I had to wait until freshman year in high school before I finally got my first pair (they're not as interesting as yours though, only khaki). But I still love them even though I STILL have to wear a belt with them.

  10. Perfect Perfect Perfect! Your clean and well put together looks are exactly how I would love to dress. I just always feel so...not me in them but your classy and well polished looks are to be applauded!

  11. hahaah that's hysterical that it's the number one image!!

  12. I LOVE my boat shoes, too! I've worn them all over the world :)


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