Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I took a digital art class at Georgetown during the fall of my junior year. We worked on a bunch of projects (most of which I really hated...). But the one thing that I really loved was learning new programs and working with the drawing tablet. I have to admit that I really struggled with the tablet for a long time. It's hard (at least for me) to draw on something flat on a table, but look at a vertical screen to see what's happening.

But over the course of the semester I got more and more used to it. And then the class was over. AND I WANTED A TABLET. Really, really, really wanted one. Every week (seriously for 18 months now...) I would come up with some cool new way to use it. So many projects! So many blog posts! SO MANY COOL THINGS!!!

(And I would get super envious... one of my least favorite emotions... whenever I saw another blogger utilizing one in a blog post.)

Finally, I was working on a project and broke down because I realized how much time it would save me. Thirty minutes before Best Buy closed and I was in line buying a drawing tablet. I don't know if I've ever been so excited for an electronic. It's basically a grownup toy.


It didn't come with a case, but I've been toting it along from place to place. Soccer Mom and I set off to make a perfect case for the tablet. (Read: I picked out the fabric and my mom sewed it!)

(Soccer Mom sewing away!)

It's perfect and I'm just so happy to have the case and the tablet.

Look: I can even digitally sign documents!

Anyone else use a tablet?



  1. At my highschool we had tablet computers, and I must admit that I loved it! Well, had a love-hate relationship with it for a while! I would totally invest in one again just because it's so useful!

  2. hey!! I am really happy you posted this because I was eyeing this bamboo tablet in best buy for some time now. I want to get one to use for school. But I really don't know if I should get this tablet or an ipad. Which do you think would be more useful?(for my classes I need to draw a lot of diagrams and pictures)please help!!!

  3. I love mine, and thanks so much for helping me decide to get it!!!!
    I totally understand the love hate relationship mine is giving me some troubles now but I think I am kinda getting the hang of it and I finally made the logo for InaWorldofBees and I am in love!!!
    Thanks again!

    Brooke Searcy

  4. I used the Bamboo tablet for a web design class - it is such a neat tool!

  5. Now I am thinking of getting one...

  6. This looks like such an awesome tool! I might have to get one since I'm an advertising major... I feel like it would be useful. I look forward to seeing how you use it toward College Prep!

  7. I am now very intrigued...I will have to research more into this!

  8. My sister got my mine for my birthday in January!! It's a little tricky getting used to, but ultimately makes things so much easier. =)

  9. Actually I am a digital artist and am obsessed with Wacom! I'm currently looking into their newest pen! Apparently it swivels! Did you use a pattern for your tablet case? I tote mine around and would LOvE to make one of those!

  10. That looks awesome! This reminds me of Project Runway actually, haha.

  11. Maybe I'm the only person on Earth who doesn't know, but what do you use a tablet for? Whatever it does, it looks cool and I hope you have a ton of fun playing around with it. Can't wait to see what you create with it, maybe then I'll have a better idea of the tablet's function. Super cute case as well!


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