Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shoes I'm Lusting Over

I used to LOVE Keds. I wore them all the time as a kid. I'm pretty sure we used to buy them at Stride Rite and they were basically the only shoes that didn't hurt my feet. And the best part was that even though I still had kid-sized feet while all my friends were wearing adult shoes... no one could tell that mine were the children's version. We used to thread beads on our laces to make our shoes extra special. Seriously, it was all the rage

Well... no need for beads to make Keds special anymore! Keds teamed up with Madewell for the cutest shoes ever... Polka dots!

I love the trim, the lightness of the shoe, and the colors... perfection.

They're great shoes for running around town on the weekend without wearing full on sneakers!

J. Crew also has their own version, but they seem a little clunkier.

What do you think about these shoes? Would you make the purchase?



  1. They are adorable- I would totally buy them if I had extra $$ right now.. Blue and white polka dots are my fave!

  2. I think they are very cute!

  3. definitely like the madewell ones better - so cute!


  4. i have been lusting over both of them, too bad the smallest size is a 6, or else i might have a pair by now. so cute!

  5. These are so your style! How cute. I recently posted about Madewell too!

  6. I totally agree about the Madewell ones vs. the J. Crew. I would definitely make the purchase! I'm helpless in the face of polka dots.


  7. Those are so cute! I found a pair in mint green from H and M that a bought for 12.50 and I love them!


  8. I too loved Keds! What outfit would I wear this with?

  9. I am absolutely loving that poka dots are big this fall! But the Madewell ones are to die for, so cute!!


  10. I'm not 100 percent in love with Keds to be honest, but the polka dots are cute! (and VERY on trend for the fall)

    - Devon


  11. I work at a Madewell and I DIED over the Keds! All of my coworkers told me I had to get them because they were so "Steph." So I'm getting them soon :)

  12. My younger sister has some really cute polka dot ones like this! She is only 11, but I was jealous of her shoes! I may just need to sneak them into my closet every once in a while!

  13. I definitely like the Keds version better. I was just thinking that the J. Crew ones looked a little thicker and less cute before I saw your comment. I have a pair of black Keds and they get a ton of wear. The comfortable while still being cute thing is what makes me love them so much. The polka-dots on this version makes them even cuter. I don't know if they would match with enough in my closet for me to be able to justify a purchase, but they're definitely adorable


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