Friday, August 31, 2012

a day in the life...

My schedule is so different now than it's ever been. Even while I was at school, I had a lot of flexibility but still a lot of structure. (And even though I did work really hard in school... I also had a lot of "free time" to play with.) I thought this would be a fun little post to share with you what my "normal" day is like. [Note: I use the word normal here very lightly considering my schedule is different every day!] I also thought it would be funny to be able to look back a few months (or years) later and compare how my days have changed or stayed the same.

Here we go.

5:45 AM | Wake up. Shower. Deal with my hair

6:25 AM | Makeup

6:30 AM | Make bed & Clean room (I can't focus if the bed isn't made! And there is nothing worse, in my opinion, than coming home to a messy room!!!)

6:32 AM | Get dressed.

Love this Old Navy Dress... I think I might just get it in every color!!!!

6:55ish AM | Walk to the subway. I love my walk.

7:20ish AM | Settle into Starbucks. Hopefully finding a super nice, quiet spot. I work for a few hours here! I answer emails, write blog posts, and maybe write a couple of texts to friends!

10 AM to 6:30 PM | Work with Levo!!!! 

(Normally we're here later, but I skipped the evening for a meeting.)

6:45 PM | Head over to Elizabeth McKay's showroom. 

7 PM - 10 PM | Hang out with the Elizabeth McKay team. It was seriously so much fun!

10:15 PM | Hop into pajamas and do some last minute emailing and blog posting!

Midnight | I tend to paint my nails at the worst times. Midnight is horrible because I have to wait for them to dry before hopping into bed. (Sheet wrinkles in nail polish? Not fun.)

And then I start the whole process over again!!!

Is your schedule this school year (slash... work year???) different than years in the past?



  1. Mine is way different than last year! I graduated from my sorority but since I switched my major, I'm still in school. I'm taking extra classes and sitting on a couple of new committees this year. The changes will be weird at first but I'm excited for the year ahead!


  2. I loved this post, Carly! It's so fun to hear what your life is like in NYC. My schedule right now is wayyy different than when I was in college... but that's partly because I just graduated and am still looking for a job! :)

  3. I’m approaching my senior year of college and I definitely anticipate that it’s going to be even busier than my previous years. A few more required classes to fit in, lots of activities, and hopefully a lot of fun senior events too! I’m just hoping my time management skills will pay off so that I’ll enjoy every moment (a la your Kate Spade wallpaper) and and make the most of my final year of college :).


  4. I work at a college, so my days are NEVER uniform. And if I'm on call...I might be working at 2 am.

  5. I'm still in college, but because I'm working on my major/minor requirements, "making my class schedule" means I have to take the courses at whatever time they're offered, instead of at whatever time I want to set my schedule. This semester, my earliest course begins at 11 am and ends at 4:30 pm! I'm a morning person, so getting used to late afternoon schedule is an adjustment for sure!


  6. Loved this post. I am also so curious what people's routines are!

  7. I am obsessed with that Old Navy dress. I actually do have it in every color, except the b&w polka dots. I was nervous it would be too sheer.
    I am obsessed with the navy and green heart version!
    Have you tried seche vite for your nails? It's completely dry in a few minutes. No sheet wrinkles!

  8. those monogrammed sheets are to die for!

  9. Love this post Carly! I love hearing about your life in NYC... so exciting! I also love you bedding.:)

  10. Loved reading this post!! One question... why do you work at a Starbucks? For the wifi? Or because it's just so much easier to concentrate there? Just curious!

  11. Where ever did you get that bedspread and shams?

  12. oh my goodness girl, when you do eat/sleep! but i'd much rather be busy than bored!

  13. Love your blog!! I wore this exact same outfit today. So excited about old navy's items this fall!

  14. I'd also love to know what your bedding is - I'm looking for crisp, white, and the ability to throw it in the washing machine! (My dry clean only comforter is gorgeous but a pain in the butt)

    1. Hi Bee! I know I am not The College Prepster, but I think I may have found her linens. Try Pottery Barn!

      It looks like Carly used the Circle Block...which is very classic! I am kind of digging the Double Font as I haven't before seen that monogram style.

      I hope that helps! Have a great day!

  15. My schedule is so different now that I'm not in school! I used to have set times for class and work and everything I ever did; now I just wing it and I never know when I'll get out of work! It's a huge pain because I like doing things like blogging and working out and talking to friends after work, and sometimes I have to reschedule things. It's a pain for someone who loves schedules and set times!

  16. I also go to Starbucks every morning, I need my coffee to wake up, kisses

  17. Every year since I started college my schedule was very different every year. This year hasn't changed as much since I work mon-fri and just take one night class. so for me my schedule is pretty repeatitive which makes it easy for me to schedule hangout with my friends after work, and time with family and boyfriend.

  18. This is a cute post - would be nice to see all my blogger friends days in pictures!
    My schedule has changed year to year - from school to university to a part time job to a full time job to moving countries to studying again to now being a stay at home mom!!

  19. I loved this post! You have inspired me to make more of my mornings.

    Would also love to know where you got your bedding!

  20. I love that you "settle" into Starbucks for a few hours before making your way to work. It seems like you stay very very busy, but I love it!


  21. Wow, you're certainly very busy! My schedule is going to be quite different this year because of adapting to living in a house and overloading, but hopefully it works out. Loved this post!

  22. I am exactly the same with the whole painting my nails. Its always at the worst times!!


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