Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sponsor :: Rutherford Papers

Who doesn't need more stationery in their life? I, for one, am completely addicted to making new stationery purchases.

Rutherford Papers is an amazing stationery boutique online. I think my favorite part is not even about the paper (even though the entire selection is amazing). The company is really into customer service. They are dedicated to making sure that the customer is happy! You don't see that all too often nowadays. This is taken right off the "About Us" section on the website:

We respect the Golden Rule - we treat our clients like we want to be treated. And that means we also won't pass on ridiculous charges to you. We feel that if you trust us to print your invitations for you, then we want to make sure we do it the way you want, so we won't charge you extra for the initial proof. Want to spice up your invitation with colored ink? We're all for it, and that's why any single ink color is free!
Basically, our goal at Rutherford Papers is simple: We want you to find the paper that fits your style and have a great time choosing it. 

Rutherford Papers offers stationery for invitations, children, moving announcements, and personal use. I love how it's really a one-stop shop for stationery needs.

Here are some of my favorite designs:

So this one is obviously my favorite considering my recent move to NYC! How perfect is that little cab on the moving announcement?

How cute is this plaid personalized notepad??? Perfect for desktops.

I actually used to have a similar set of flat notecards as this one, but I ran out... Maybe it's time to restock!

These coral foldover cards are seriously precious. I love the coral and colors and monogram!


PS Use "prepster" at checkout for 10% off your order!!!


  1. Your blog is sooo cute! :)
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  2. I love cute notecards :) Those NYC ones are adorable!

  3. SO cute! You can never have too much stationery.


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