Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Colors

Where has October gone? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was holding out on pulling the riding boots out, but it's... like... almost November now. Fall has to be the most beautiful time of year. I have next to no memories of fall in Florida. Maybe we get three or four days of "cold," that we label as winter.

New York City right now is amazing. Everyone– myself included– rants and raves about how amazing it is. And it is.

But so is Ohio.

Amanda and I just got back from speaking at Miami University of Ohio. In addition to the fact that we're obsessed with all the girls we met (they're awesome!!!!!), we fell in love with the campus. The buildings were beautiful and the foliage was almost unreal. As we drove in, we were sitting in the car saying, "Omg, look at that tree!" and "Whoa!!! That tree is amazing!" and "Wow! The leaves!!!!" I felt bad for the guy driving us because our trees and leaves enthusiasm was an absolute all-time high.

We woke up on the early side yesterday to go for a campus tour and fell even more in love!

It is a certainly picture-perfect campus. How awesome are those leaves?


I found the colors during this trip to be super inspiring for accessories!


PS Amanda and I seriously had an amazing time speaking with everyone at Miami University.... We'd love to speak at your school/event too!!! You can always reach out to us to coordinate a speaking engagement.


  1. Really pretty photos! The scenery looks so nice!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed Miami! It tends to steal everyone's heart :)

  3. I had so fun getting to meet you, come back any time!

    xx Emily @

  4. Love the autumn colors! Today I'm wearing a bright orange striped J. Crew sweater and I feel very fall/Halloween.
    Does Levo League have any (paid) summer internships?

  5. How would we reach out to you for a speaker event? I would be really interested in bringing you to our campus!

    1. You can send me an email: carly (at)

  6. I obviously love this! I'm so glad you loved it too :)

  7. I've never been to Miami University, but I do know that the University of Cincinnati looks just as beautiful! UC kind of reminds me of a small town, especially with all of the shops and food places and whatnot that we have. At least from what I have seen, haha.

    Glad you enjoyed visiting Ohio! Wish I could have dropped by to meet you...maybe you'll come down and talk at UC some time! ;)

  8. One of my favorite things about living in Ohio is the changing leaves!

  9. One of my favorite places on earth! So glad you enjoyed it!!

  10. I love the gorgeous colors of fall! My sister's friend goes to Miami!

  11. V-necks and riding boots have become a staple in my closet! Love the leaves, they are so gorgeous!

  12. I went to Miami and it truly is one of the most beautiful campus' ever!

  13. Looks like you and Amanda had a great time. The campus almost reminds me of Harvard, which is absolutely stunning in the fall.


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