Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Gifts under $50

With Thanksgiving behind us, I guess it's kind of time to start thinking about holiday presents for friends and family. This gift guide has twenty ideas, all under $50. I also chose things that I would absolutely buy my (female) friends and family members in a heartbeat. For the most part, I also tried to steer clear of "holiday" gifts because I prefer to buy presents that I know my friends will be able to use time and time again throughout the year.

Happy Holidays
20 under $50 | gift guide

(1) Llama iPhone Case, $18.50 
(2) Leather Colorblock Luggage Tag, $30 [add embossed monogram!]
(7) Dotted Gloves, $35
(9) Scotty Studs, $48
(10) Idiom Bangle, $48
(11) Soy Wax Candle, $24
(13) Design Sponge, $35
(14) Classic Wide Bangle, $22.50
(17) Infinity Pouch, $48
(18) Makeup Pouch, $25
(19) iPhone Case, $40
(20) Memo Pads, $6

What's on your holiday gift shopping list?



  1. Great ideas! Would'nt change a thing. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! xxx

  2. I don't think you understand how fast I bought that anchor keychain when I saw it in store last week :)

  3. Hi Carly!

    Those Scotty Studs are definitely on my Wish list and Xmas shopping list!... I did a Kate Spade Xmas Gift guide today!Here:


  4. i love that colorblock pouch!


  5. Obsessed with the Idiom Bangles. Check out my own Under $50 gift guide!


  6. Hi !! I love Everything so girly. I also did a list check it out

    Thanks !

  7. Everything is so cute! I really love the Kate Spade "knock on wood" iPhone case.

  8. I hope all y'all noticed that that llama only has three legs.


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