Tuesday, January 31, 2012

trend: trench

One of my latest obsessions: Trench Coats

Okay, now I've always thought that I was not the type of girl who could pull one off.  I always see these young professionals rushing around downtown DC with their trench coats on.  (Or old men...)  The classic coats felt "out of my league" a bit, I guess.  Rainy weather?  I'd just throw on a rain jacket!

But then I started coveting one.  I ended up getting one on Black Friday (yes, as in months ago) and I still was kind of at a lost of how to wear it.  I will readily admit that I was sort of intimidated by the beige coat hanging in my closet.

And then I pulled it out one day.

And never looked back.

I wear it all the time.  The trench is perfect for the mild winter and frequent rain we're experiencing in DC. Frankly, I even wear the coat when there isn't a cloud in the sky!

In this picture, I'm wearing the trench over this outfit.

My trench is from Banana Republic!

Outfit Inspiration:

I'm also dying over these J. Crew Matinee Trench Coats!  I definitely want to get one for the spring, but I can't decide on a color.... Modern Red or Navy.... Hmmm...

Anyone else have a trench?  How do you wear it?  And which color do you like best for the Matinee trench?


Monday, January 30, 2012

Postagram Review

After my Instagram Photostrip post, I was contacted by a representative from Postagram to try out their mobile app.  They sent me a couple of credits so I could send a few postcards.

Hello, no brainer.

I love Instagram.
I love postcards.


With the app, you sign in and purchase credits to mail cards.  It's only 99 cents, and includes the printing and postage.  I figure that this is a pretty good deal considering you get the postage AND a personalized card... and you don't have to find a place to mail it :)

You can also use FB photos so you don't even need an Instagram account!!!

This is what the screen of my phone looked like while I selected my picture and added text.  You go through the steps and add the recipient's address and everything.

Super simple... the hardest part is choosing what picture to send!

It arrived!  I sent one to my mom while I was in New York City.  I didn't tell her that I had sent it so it was an added surprise for her.

Soccer Mom reading the postcard!

The picture part pops out and the message is also printed on the back!!!  This is my favorite part.

Oh, it's too fun!

Guess what!!!  I want to send someone else a Postagram!  Leave a comment on this post and I will choose one recipient on February 3.  Be sure to leave your email address so I can find you if you win :-)


Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Cover Shoot

I decided to share some more (read: a million) fun pictures from the Sweet Lemon cover shoot!

(You can watch a video of the production here!)

We had so much fun doing the whole shoot.  We, of course, had big plans for a shoot... and then a week before we found this super retro outdoor laundromat!  It was just too fun to pass up.  Florida was having fantastic weather and in true dramatic fashion, the forecast for the day of the shoot was RAIN.  And LOTS of it.

Because of the weather scare, we shifted back the schedule by an hour in efforts to "beat" the rain.  The morning started in a makeup chair (Bobbi Brown, naturally) and five weather-related freak outs.

The photog for the day was Sporty Sister!!!  I am so proud of her!!!

Can we talk about this... I swear... it was a Sweet Lemon miracle.

Sporty Sister, Andrea, and Michael preparing!  (I was Instagramming the events!)

Michael and I have been friends since middle school when he moved to Tampa.  He just graduated from FSU's film school and moved to New York this month!!!  So proud of him.

We love doughnuts.

This was very hard... and very funny.


Even though we were on a deadline and trying to beat the rain, we were having a blast.  I mean, the whole thing was so much fun.

Don't let the temporary sun fool you!

Running to the next location!


Right about here, the wind starts picking up..... rain is ominous.  

Getting dressed in the car.  In the middle of downtown.  Totally smooth.

And here comes the rain!!!

LOTS and LOTS of rain.

We took two shots and scrapped this look.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Giveaway :: CafePress

I am super excited about this giveaway.  CafePress is offering one lucky College Prep reader a custom snap stamper kit!!! 

CafePress has so many products on their website, like custom invitations and custom stationery.

The custom stamper has been on my Christmas list for years... but I can never choose what design I want, so I never end up getting it... but it's so perfect.

My friend Ali used to stamp all of her assignments and folders and binders and textbooks with hers.  She had her Georgetown NetID (which is also our email address), name, and phone number.  I think it's a great way to really leave your mark!

You can also use the stamp for return address labels.  Also, you can turn virtually anything into a business card.

The tricky (but truthfully the fun) part is choosing which design you'd like!  There are SO many!!!

I am a bit partial to the monograms!

CafePress also offers a bunch of collegiate designs.

And sorority ones too!

The little designs are super personal and are an added touch to your paper products.

Other favorites of mine:


LOVE the Tampa Stamp!

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below!  If it isn't showing up, try clicking on the title of this post and refreshing :-)  You have to be on the page of the actual post, as opposed to the homepage www.thecollegeprepster.com.  It's a little confusing, but the widget will really help me cut down on time spent typing up entries!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Rifle Paper Co.

I've known about Rifle Paper Co. for quite some time now, but it's been popping up on my radar as of late and I can't get the brand out of my head!

It's based out of Winter Park, FL which is super close to where I'm from... in fact, my high school used to race Winter Park in crew :-)  [College Prepster Side Note: Those races were always a big deal.]

The designs on the paper goods are too precious.  If I were to have an animated television show about my life (haha) then I would most definitely want my character to look like a Rifle Paper Co. illustration!

My favorites (please note, this was extremely difficult to narrow down):

The little accessories are hilarious: Wellies, Scarf, Hat, Vest!

Okay. Okay. I am lusting after these!!!  I have a 2012 goal of visiting Paris one way or another.  And I am just so in love with these prints.

PS: The newspaper and the rain print.... Check back on Sunday for a funny picture of me doing the same thing!

Sending a "telegram" is a really quirky idea, no?  I think the gold accent is quite perfect and spices i

I'm ready to find a boyfriend ONLY so that I can get one of these prints.  Swoooooon!

And last, but most certainly not least, personalized stationery and/or calling cards.

Which face are you?

I think I'm number 11, but would love to be 2!


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