Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Popover

A long time ago someone asked me this...  If I were a cartoon character, what would my character wear? (You know how cartoon characters wear the same outfit every single episode?) I thought it was the most creative question. I didn't have a great answer then... but I think I do now.

I've been wearing the same type of shirt ALL the time. I'm loving button downs/ups. But the J. Crew Popover has my full attention. I have a couple of them and I definitely want more! Clearly it's really popular (.... ha) because J. Crew has a bunch of colors, prints, and patterns. I mean, really, each one is just too cute.

I think the reason why I love the shirts so much are that they're just super easy to wear. They're less formal than a button up, but more dressy than a t-shirt and they're just oh-so-comfortable. I roll the sleeves up on mine for an even more relaxed look.

Seriously, I could live in the popovers.

What you need to make a super chic (but secretly comfortable) outfit:


Friday, June 29, 2012

Organize, Please... Nail Polish

It's official. Sporty Sister and I have a major problem when it comes to nail polish. I don't think the problem is that bad (sort of...) on our own, but when you combine our two collections it's a little overwhelming. We like nail polish... a lot. And the real problem is that we have two very different skin colors and two even more different styles. Which only leads to one things.... lots of colors.

For one of my birthdays (it was in Massachusetts so it was pre-eight years old), my Mom got me a box covered in golden retrievers with tons of nail polish. For years, and I mean years, this is what we stored nail polish in. I think we finally threw it out a year or two ago. While I was at school, I had a big cosmetic case that I stored everything in. It wasn't the best solution, especially when I forgot to pull out the top coat and could "dig" through the bag to find it because my nails were still drying. (Which, for the record, happened just about every time.)

For fun, Sporty Sister suggested that I line them up on the widow sill of the Ladies Lounge.

(This Instagram is four pictures of the line up.... Although it would be cool to have some sort of shelved storage!)

It was fun for a little bit, but it lost it's color coordination pretty quick once we were painting nails and getting lazy in putting the bottles back. Plus, Sporty Sister stole all the Essie's to display in her room....

I must admit, the bottles look like a little work of art! 

AND this actual work of art is perfect for the display! Laura Trevey sent me a few watercolors when I blogged about her shop. We've been looking for the perfect home for the Essie print... and I think we found it!!!

(Nothing to do with organization, but this top coat is the best! Smells a little strong, but works perfectly!)

We still needed a place for the Julep polish. (A new Heitlinger favorite!)

I dug through Soccer Mom's vase collection and found a pretty little guy. The polish look so sophisticated in their new home!!!

How do you store nail polish?


PS Some of my recent favorite nail colors:

OPI 'Lucky Lucky Lavender'

Julep 'Susan'

Essie 'Geranium'

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Preppy Fourth of July Outfits

The countdown to the Fourth of July is officially on!!! Less than a week away! Picking out red, white, and blue outfits is always fun. Whether you're spending the week at the beach, relaxing with friends & family, or going out at night, sporting red/white/blue is only appropriate for the fourth!

And how cute is this necklace? It's J. Crew crewcuts, but it's pretty perfect for Fourth of July celebrations!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

navy + leather

we're having a party on the porch tonight!

Shirt, J. Crew | Skirt, J. Crew (similar from Brooks Brothers) | Shoes, Anne Klein


photos by Stacy A. Heitlinger


I took a digital art class at Georgetown during the fall of my junior year. We worked on a bunch of projects (most of which I really hated...). But the one thing that I really loved was learning new programs and working with the drawing tablet. I have to admit that I really struggled with the tablet for a long time. It's hard (at least for me) to draw on something flat on a table, but look at a vertical screen to see what's happening.

But over the course of the semester I got more and more used to it. And then the class was over. AND I WANTED A TABLET. Really, really, really wanted one. Every week (seriously for 18 months now...) I would come up with some cool new way to use it. So many projects! So many blog posts! SO MANY COOL THINGS!!!

(And I would get super envious... one of my least favorite emotions... whenever I saw another blogger utilizing one in a blog post.)

Finally, I was working on a project and broke down because I realized how much time it would save me. Thirty minutes before Best Buy closed and I was in line buying a drawing tablet. I don't know if I've ever been so excited for an electronic. It's basically a grownup toy.


It didn't come with a case, but I've been toting it along from place to place. Soccer Mom and I set off to make a perfect case for the tablet. (Read: I picked out the fabric and my mom sewed it!)

(Soccer Mom sewing away!)

It's perfect and I'm just so happy to have the case and the tablet.

Look: I can even digitally sign documents!

Anyone else use a tablet?


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

shades of...


This is the second installment of my "Shades Of..." series! Check out the first one on MINT!

Pink is just one of those classic prep colors. There's no better time to utilize the color pink than the summertime. Go through your closet and pull out all the pinks! I have a vast collection of pink things. Pink bangles, pink shoes, pink shorts, pink t-shirts, pink dresses.... but sometimes I don't think to wear them.

One of my favorite things about pink is that a ton of colors go great with it. Navy is such a great option. (Remember this pink + navy post?) Lime green (of course) and even purple can be good combinations. And, of course, you can't go wrong with denim or plain old white!

(akwardly funny picture of me sporting my pink chinos and cambray popover!)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Building Your Perfect Stack

I've been a fan of stacking my bracelets for a long time. The first time I posted about my favorite stack was back in 2009... and my preferences have changed! It's actually funny to see how they've stayed the same too. I used to be quite reluctant to wear any type of jewelry, but I've gradually gotten more and more used to wearing it. I even wear rings now... every day! (There was a time when I would have panic attacks with rings on!)

I tend to wear the same type of stack every day with slight variations depending on my outfit. I think the perfect stack has a mixture of meaningful pieces (at least one) and some fun color!

I always wear my Live Your Dreams cuff. I've had it since high school and it means a lot to me. It's definitely a bit banged up, but all things considered it's in decent shape! I wear it regardless of whether I'm wearing silver or gold.

For my twenty-second birthday, I received the gold monogrammed bracelet. I wear this super frequently. (At least two people ask me where I got it every single day!) While I like monogrammed necklaces (and have an acrylic one myself), I love having the bracelet. It blends in very well and doesn't scream "monogram!".

Bangles are an easy way to add color to an outfit or complement colors of a piece of clothing. I have great bangles from J. Crew (both the wide and the medium), Kate Spade, and Target (!!!).

I also wear some sort of pearl assortment. I have a bunch of pearl bracelets from all over. Most of them I've had since elementary and middle school. My current favorites are so old that I can't really even remember why or when I got them. (I feel like they were a birthday present in fourth or fifth grade, but I'm not too sure.) I'm loving this Kate Spade pearl bracelet with the bow! So fun!

(I don't have the monogrammed charm bracelet featured... but it's seriously cute!)

Here are some pictures of recent stacks I've been sporting.

Live Your Dreams | Monogrammed Bracelet | Banana Republic Bracelet (similar)

Bangle | Pearl Bracelets | Live Your Dreams | Monogrammed Bracelet

What are your favorite bracelets to stack?


Sunday, June 24, 2012

summer pajamas

Pajamas in the wintertime are the easiest things in the world. Flannel bottoms, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt if it's extra chilly. Done. The more cozy the clothes, the cuter the look. (Even if nothing matches!)

During the summer, things get a little trickier. Depending on the night and location, you can be freezing with air conditioning, sweltering with fan pushing hot air around, or the worst: hot one minute and cold the next.

I was having this debate with myself the other day because I couldn't quite decide what to wear to bed. It's super hot outdoors. We crank the airconditioning up at night. I can't sleep without a fan on the highest speed. And I like to sleep under a TON of covers. My standard pajama bottoms and t-shirt were too much. Boxers and a tank were kind of too little.... I ended up wearing my favorite nightshirt. Night shirts are basically the best invention ever.

It's a gorgeous blue and it definitely has a vintage/retro feel. I love it!

Other good alternatives:

(order online and add a monogram!!!)

What do you wear to bed during the summer??? Anyone else share the "sleepwear dilemma" with me?


Saturday, June 23, 2012

dark + stormy

Lilly Pulitzer Dark n' Stormy Shift | Ann Taylor Espadrilles | Lilly Pulitzer Umbrella | Rain Jacket


photos by Stacy A. Heitlinger

Giveaway :: Chloe + Isabel

I'm really loving everything from Chloe + Isabel. The jewelry store has been popping up on my radar a TON recently.

Here's the background on the company:

Founded in 2011, Chloe + Isabel is a dynamic and socially innovative jewelry brand designed to connect women through a modern-day social-shopping experience. A destination for fashion-loving, creative and confident women, Chloe + Isabel believes that today’s women deserve jewelry as exceptional as they are. In addition to providing customers with one-stop-shop for gorgeous jewelry, Chloe + Isabel is positioned to become the driving force behind developing highly motivated women of “Generation Net” into the world’s next great entrepreneurs.

Everyone knows a Chloe and an Isabel. They are best friends that are as different as apples and oranges.  They are both smart and confident women. While they choose to express themselves in different ways, they still have common threads, like a love for jewelry.   Chloe+Isabel is committed to quality! It's all about the little things.   All of our jewelry has a lifetime replacement guarantee.

The winner of this giveaway will be able to choose which pair of earrings she wants. 

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget below!

Good Luck!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

denim + pearls


photos by Stacy A. Heitlinger


One of my biggest fears (probably top five...) is that I'm going to turn into a straight up hoarder. I'm talking, need-to-call-TLC-asap kind of hoarder. I love to keep things, especially when there are lots of memories attached to them. Which is practically everything.

I'm not kidding, I have to force myself to throw away stuff. I recently got rid of ALL of my binders from middle school and high school. Just threw them all out without thinking twice. See ya.

Clothes are especially challenging. I love seeing a piece of clothing and remembering all the fun places I wore it! I went through my closet and pulled my TOP FIVE favorite pieces of clothing of all time. These are clothes that I not only love (let's face it, I don't have much in my closet that I'm not in love with), but that I also had a great memory attached to it!

ONE | Lilly Pulitzer dress

I love just about everything. The material, the length, the details. It's definitely a different dress and I think that's another reason why I like it!!! 

THE MEMORY | Senior Prom

TWO | Rowing Blazer

This is just so different and oh so special to me. I will likely never wear this again, but it's pretty much amazing.

THE MEMORY | Henley Royal Regatta (2010)

(missing one of the guys!)

THREE | Lilly Pulitzer shift

I can't get over this print. I wish I had bought more in the pattern. The giraffe print is fun without being overly giraffe-y! 

THE MEMORY | (post) High School Graduation

(My dad wore the matching tie!)

FOUR | J. Crew Shorts

These were the first pair of J. Crew bottoms that I could fit into! After years of Gap Kids and Abercrombie Kids (seriously not so much fun when you're in high school), I was thrilled to wear a pair of shorts without them falling off!!! I used to try on clothes in J. Crew all the time just waiting for the moment when I could finally fit. It was a magical moment :)

They still fit, and I wear them frequently. While they are starting to look a little frayed... I just think they look loved.

THE MEMORY | First J. Crew shorts

(fun fact : this is the #1 google image for critter shorts!)

Last week on Instagram!

MEMORY | Lots of steps

I've worn these things for a LONG time. I love to think about all the different places they've been.

What are your top five pieces of clothing? What memories do you associate with them?


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