Friday, August 31, 2012

a day in the life...

My schedule is so different now than it's ever been. Even while I was at school, I had a lot of flexibility but still a lot of structure. (And even though I did work really hard in school... I also had a lot of "free time" to play with.) I thought this would be a fun little post to share with you what my "normal" day is like. [Note: I use the word normal here very lightly considering my schedule is different every day!] I also thought it would be funny to be able to look back a few months (or years) later and compare how my days have changed or stayed the same.

Here we go.

5:45 AM | Wake up. Shower. Deal with my hair

6:25 AM | Makeup

6:30 AM | Make bed & Clean room (I can't focus if the bed isn't made! And there is nothing worse, in my opinion, than coming home to a messy room!!!)

6:32 AM | Get dressed.

Love this Old Navy Dress... I think I might just get it in every color!!!!

6:55ish AM | Walk to the subway. I love my walk.

7:20ish AM | Settle into Starbucks. Hopefully finding a super nice, quiet spot. I work for a few hours here! I answer emails, write blog posts, and maybe write a couple of texts to friends!

10 AM to 6:30 PM | Work with Levo!!!! 

(Normally we're here later, but I skipped the evening for a meeting.)

6:45 PM | Head over to Elizabeth McKay's showroom. 

7 PM - 10 PM | Hang out with the Elizabeth McKay team. It was seriously so much fun!

10:15 PM | Hop into pajamas and do some last minute emailing and blog posting!

Midnight | I tend to paint my nails at the worst times. Midnight is horrible because I have to wait for them to dry before hopping into bed. (Sheet wrinkles in nail polish? Not fun.)

And then I start the whole process over again!!!

Is your schedule this school year (slash... work year???) different than years in the past?


Thursday, August 30, 2012


Protecting Your Laptop

I had a really scary, and super stressful moment, last Thursday. My Macbook Pro was hacked. Everyone I told could not believe it. I really couldn't believe it myself. It is, after all, an Apple computer. They're supposed to be, like, majorly protected from viruses... right? Viruses, computers, bots... maybe. But apparently, people do not fall into this. As in, people can hack into computers surprisingly easily.

(I've read that this happened to a lot of people this month and it seems to be tied to some sort of security breach with Apple's iCloud... or something like that.)

I primarily use Gmail, but I also have an AOL account that I've had since first grade. I don't use it for emails, but instead all my blog comments get sent to it and I used to have my Georgetown email account filtered through it as well. The AOL account goes crazy every now and then, but it's not that huge of an issue. My computer, on the other hand, was a BIG deal.

Yes, I was really unlucky that it happened in the first place, but the circumstances under which they happened ended up being pretty lucky.

1) I was on my computer as it was happening.
2) My friend immediately called Gmail's security department who ended up being a huge help.
3) I obsessively back my laptop up.

My morning routine has been a little intense recently. I spend about an hour in my apartment showering and getting ready and then I hop on a subway to work down in Union Square until I have to be in the office. I don't open my laptop until I'm in the coffeeshop and there are periods of time when I'm underground and can't access my cell phone. Had my computer been hacked when I was sleeping, getting ready, or riding the subway, I would have been in BIG trouble.

Instead, I noticed something was up after I was already in the office reading through emails. I started to get emails from ALL my accounts saying that my passwords were being changed. Knowing that it wasn't I who was changing the passwords, I furiously was changing them nearly immediately.

My AOL email, my Apple ID, and my Gmail accounts were being changed. It was so scary. Thankfully I was changing the passwords quicker then the hackers were (I think... at least). Meanwhile, the Gmail people were helping me set up additional security on my accounts and wiping my IP address. The guy helping me had me run some sort of detection thing and two people in Georgia (the state, not country) were apparently hacking away.

It took a solid three plus hours from the beginning of the password changes to completing wiping/protecting everything. And then a good two hours for my nerves to settle down.

I realized, while it was happening, just how connected we are to the internet. I'm not just talking about Facebook or Twitter here either. (Although, I'm definitely very much connected in those areas.) While I was on the phone with the Gmail guy, I had to change my passwords to EVERYTHING. I didn't want to use my computer in case my key strokes were being tracked or something, so I used a friend's to change my online banking account, my Paypal account, my social media sites, my university account, and just about everything else I could think of.

Moral of the story: Protect your computer.

(Here's how I back my laptop up.)

Protecting your laptop is also fun on a day to day basis! Try not to drink liquids near your laptop (I'm trying to be much better about my coffee by the laptop now!) and always put it in a sleeve when walking around.

Kate Spade | Marc by Marc Jacobs

Hex | Kate Spade

Has anyone else experienced an issue with security? Do you regularly protect your laptop? What kind of case/sleeve do you use?


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY Monograms

Knowing how to make monograms on the computer a fun little bit of knowledge that most definitely comes in handy. You can make all sorts of fun projects... on your own!!! I have a super big love for printing at Fedex Office (formally Kinkos) and the things you can do with your own monogram is seemingly endless.

I prefer to make the monograms in Adobe Illustrator. Everything in Illustrator is a vector, which (very basically) means that there are mathematical equations connecting points and paths. The benefit? You can make an image as SUPER HUGE as you want (like, for a example, a billboard) or as super small as you want without losing the integrity of an image.... no pixely images!

If you don't have Illustrator, the next best thing is Photoshop. Remember, if you're going to be printing the images (or even just using digitally, like a phone background), make the DPI high (my favorite is 300) and ensure a good size for the canvas. This way, you will have a sharp monogram and not grainy or pixely.

If you don't have either of these programs, you should be able to do it in Paint, or Word, a program you downloaded on the internet. If you put each letter of the monogram in a separate text box so you can manipulate the spacing better!!! Again, also check to make sure you're working on a big enough space!

The possibilities of fonts are also endless. In the graphic above, I made monograms with Monogram kk sc, Times New Roman, and my handwriting.

Begin by opening a new page. (All of my examples are shown being created in Adobe Illustrator.) The first step is to type your initials separately. That is, ach time you type a new letter, create a new "box" for it so you can move each letter around. It's a good idea to keep the sizes of the font uniform, you will be adjusting that later.

To ensure proper alignment, I like to work with the grid open. 

Move the middle initial, in my case "A" to the end, and move the last initial "H" to the middle.

The next step is simply a matter of resizing the last initial. I kept my "C" and "A" at 100 pt. and bumped the "H" up to 175 pt. This is my personal preference for ratio, but you can really do whatever you think looks best! 

This is where the grid really helps out a lot. Notice that I kept the bottom of the "C" and the "A" on the same line of the grid. Then I can play around with how close to (or far away from) the middle "H" I bring the letters. I personally like a lot of interlocking, as seen in the image above, but you can play around and manipulate the spacing to see what you like best!

The original monogram is on the left, and then I show another spacing of it on the right. Note how the one on the right has significantly less interlocking. Instead, the letters look like they're just touching.

Ideas on how to use the monogram:

Print your own stationery
Make a binder cover sheet
Create an iPhone wallpaper
Frame a print
Have screen printed onto shirts


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sponsor :: Dixieland Monogram

Are you loving everything monogrammed right now? Dixieland Monogram, a College Prep sponsor, has a monogram for everything you could possibly ever want monogrammed.

Just check out the picture below.... 

What I'm loving:

Dixieland Monogram is a great place to pick up Lilly Pulitzer accessories (including the Greek line), cute things for Game Day, and monogrammed jewelry.

You can even contact Dixieland to host a trunk show in the Southeast region of the US! And.... You can also contact Dixieland to generate a special code for philanthropy projects. Once you have your code, you can share it with friends, family, and sorority sisters. 10% of proceeds using that code will be donated to a charity of choice!

Check out the site and let me know what your favorite items are!!!


The Lipstick Debate.

It's really more of a personal debate that I have with myself all the time. It's also similar to the question I asked you guys on Friday about whether you wear heels or flats to work.

Here's my personal stance on lipstick. I LOVE THE WAY IT LOOKS.... on other people.

I think it's fashionable and pretty (and also brave) to swipe bright, bold color onto lips. But I just can't seem to do it. Unless I'm going out to a party, which (let's face it) rarely happens, I have a hard time considering wearing lipstick. I know of girls who don't leave the house without lipstick.

And I'm a little envious.

I was saying a few weeks ago to someone that I always feel like a child that has gotten into her mother's makeup drawer when I have lipstick on. For someone who's morning makeup routine lasts a total of three minutes, lipstick seems overdone. It seems too bright on my pale skin. It seems... like I'm trying to hard.

Maybe I'm missing something? Was there some sort of lesson that I missed in the seventh grade girls bathroom?

The crazy thing is that I actually own lipstick. I get all swept up in the excitement at the Nordstrom makeup counter. Smooth talking saleswomen convince me that "this shade is perfect"for me. I jealously watch my sister effortlessly walk away with new tubes of lipstick and I have to join in on the fun. And then the lipsticks sit at the bottom of my purse or the back of my makeup drawer. 

For now, I have a few lipstick alternatives:

As part of this post, Tarte Cosmetics sent me a huge box of all sorts of makeup. My sister and I spent a good afternoon opening everything up and testing out different colors and deciding who got what. I loved pretty much all the products, but I especially loved all the lip tints. The color lasts a LONG time and it really does feel like lip balm, not lipstick. 

The consistency of this is great. Very smooth and very, well, hydrating. I am kind of addicted to lip balm and can't stand it when my lips feel dry. This is perfect. SPF 15? Even better.

LancĂ´me | Color Design HydraBalm Tinted Lip Balm

I don't have this, but I'm super interested in trying it out. It deceitfully looks like actual lipstick, which would be great for parties when I want to pretend like I'm wearing the real stuff. If anyone has used this before, please let me know what you think!

The classic lip balm we know and trust... with a hint of color. I really think Burt's Bees is just fantastic. I love everything from the face wash to the foot cream. This has all the benefits of the good ole' minty lip balm and a great color. It would be easy to put on all day, for sure. Maybe consider using the regular stuff during the day and switching to this for nights out!

Now, I want to ask: do you wear lipstick? What brands and shades do you love the most?


Monday, August 27, 2012

Apartment Guide | Make a Small Space Seem BIG

I recently partnered with Apartment Guide and this could NOT have come at a better time!!! As part of the partnership, I will be posting twice. This first post is all about ways to make a small space seem big. These tips will really work if you're living in a dorm (I endured three long years of dorm life) or if you're living in a small apartment (hello, me in NYC right now).

[Side note: I can't wait to share pictures of my apartment with you... but it's still in "getting ready" mode right now. I have heard from a bunch of people asking for advice about finding an apartment in NYC, shoot me an email (carly [at] thecollegeprepster [dot] com) if you want the name/email of the AMAZING broker I used!!!]

Whether you're living, looking or moving, Apartment Guide offers tips on how to decorate your apartment and make the most of your space on the Apartment Guide blog. Here is a post with AG's suggestions on five essentials you will need in an apartment. 

I'm going to add onto that list with these essentials:

Over the Door Mirror | Mirrors create an instant illusion of a larger space. If you don't have the space on the wall, using an "over the door" mirror is a super easy solution. Seriously, you just hang the mirror right over the door. Quickly you will have a seemingly bigger space and a great place to check out your outfit before leaving!

Drawer Organizers | Instead of shoving everything into one drawer, use an organizer to create separate nooks. Try to find organizers that allow you to adjust the spacing. You can use it for jewelry, socks, and even school supplies in a desk.

Big Bins | Bins are the best storage solution. If you have things you need in your room, but don't use on a regular basis these are perfect. Toss everything into the bin and hide away on a top shelf. These are ideal for seasonal clothing!

Slim Hangers | Closet space is a HUGE deal. Swapping out bulky plastic or wood hangers for these slim ones will help maximize your closet space. I like them also because they're made of a material that prevents clothes from slipping off (like skinny straps on dresses).

Stackable Drawers | Most dorms don't have the most drawer space, and most apartments don't have the space for drawers. These stackable drawers can be placed in closets or in tiny unused corners of rooms. They're great for storing workout clothes, t-shirts, and pajamas!

Hanging Shelves | Even though closet space is hard to come by, it's worth sacrificing a foot of the rack to hang these shelves on. I used to store sweaters and heavy jeans in mine. Great for keeping sweaters organized and right in clear view.

Underbed Storage | These under bed storage boxes keeps seasonal clothing out of the way, but also fresh. They zip up securely and slide right underneath the bed. Don't let that extra floorspace go to waste!!!

Bed Risers | If you're only going to get one thing off this list... make it these bed risers!!! They will add so much space under your bed. They're SUPER sturdy and make beds look more visually appealing (being higher up) and gives you extra space to work with. I used these in all my dorm rooms and thought they were amazing!

Shoe Racks | I tried really hard to minimize the number of shoes I brought with me to NYC... but it was really difficult! Every pair seemed equally important to me. So I brought them all. I am currently using a  shoe rack in one of my closets. It expands to the exact width of the closet, so I know I'm getting every possible square inch of space out of it.

Foldable Step Stool | Lack of space meant I had to go vertical. This was good because I could find space for everything, but this was bad because I have a hard time getting to the stuff. My foldable step stool is PERFECT!!! I store it (flat) under the sink and then pull it out when I'm cooking in the kitchen. The foldable aspect is brilliant, and I didn't have to carve out a space to actually store it.

“Like” Apartment Guide on Facebook, follow them on Twitter @AptGuide and “circle” them on Google+ for real-time tips and updates on how to make the most of your small space.

How do you make a small space seem bigger?


sponsored by Apartment Guide

Apartment Guide and owner Consumer Source, Inc. partner with bloggers such as me to participate in blogger programs.  As part of that program, I received compensation.  They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about any products and believe that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Consumer Source’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

Last Week of White

I don't really wear white after Labor Day. It's easier to get away with it in Florida because, well, it's Florida; it's chilly for approximately two weeks during the winter. I may wear white during the spring if it's particularly warm, but for the most part I keep my white pants and white dresses and white shoes stored away after the first Monday of September.

Labor Day is officially one week away, and I plan on squeezing a few more wears out of my favorite white clothes!

I'm revisiting some of my favorite outfits from this summer featuring white!

Camp Shirt | Leopard Belt | Artist Jean | Jack Rogers Ballet Flats

Do you wear white after Labor Day? What's your favorite piece of white clothing in your closet... and how do you style it?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

New CP Desktop, iPhone, iPad, & FB Wallpaper

I can't believe how quickly my time in NYC is going by. My apartment doesn't feel like a hotel anymore, it's beginning to feel a lot more like home. I can open the two locks on my door with one hand while carrying groceries and a cup of coffee with the other. I'm friends with the guys at the UPS store where I have a mailbox for TCP. I know which exit to use in my subway stops so I pop out in the most convenient locations.

I've also been working a lot, and sleeping very little. Admittedly, this has led me to forget to simply enjoy my first few moments in the city. I don't want to look back in a month, or a year, or five years and regret not enjoying every single moment. No matter what my future holds, I will never get my first week living in New York City back.

I think the phrase "living in the moment" is... okay. Frankly, everyone lives in the moment. Some more than others, but everyone is living that moment. Enjoying the moments is an entirely different story. I want to enjoy it all: the good, the bad, the ugly, the exciting, the wonderful, the peaceful, the hectic... 

I want to enjoy the moments.

I decided to change up the wallpapers. Instead of the usual backgrounds, I chose a very fun Kate Spade wallpaper that I had saved to my computer a long time ago. It's super adorable, I think. Perfect for back-to-school and the upcoming season of fall.

Desktop Wallpaper:

Right click on the image and open in a new tab or window.
Save image to your computer or drag it to your desktop or specific folder
On macs: Right click the file and click "Set Desktop Picture."

iPhone Wallpaper:

Open this page on your phone or email yourself the image.
Open the image and save it to your phone.
Go to the photos folder and set as wallpaper. You shouldn't have to move/scale the photo. I always make it my lock screen and home screen.

iPad Wallpaper:

Open this page on your iPad or email yourself the image.
Open the image and save it to your iPad.
Go to the photos folder and set as wallpaper. You shouldn't have to move/scale the photo. I always make it my lock screen and home screen.

Facebook Cover Photo

Right click on the image and open in a new tab or window.
Save image to your computer or drag it to your desktop or specific folder.
Go to Facebook and click to change your cover photo.

What tips do you have for enjoying the moments?


Saturday, August 25, 2012

reenergizing weekend

This past week flew by. I don't think I had time to really stop and process everything that was happening. I also (definitely) did not prepare properly for the week. This led to a few exhaustion-caused meltdowns.

(a hacked computer was also to blame... note to everyone, turn off your iCloud)

I'm spending this weekend recuperating from the stress, a forty-eight hour headache, and fifteen hours of sleep in four days. I'm also blasting my air conditioning and pretending like it's winter, which I am sure to regret when I get my first electric bill. (Yay for the Real World.)

What are you doing this weekend? How do you unwind from a long week?


Giveaway :: Personalized From Me to You

This giveaway could not have come at a more appropriate time! While I was never in a sorority myself, Sporty Sister is. She and her sorority sisters just welcomed a bunch of new girls into the sorority yesterday. Based on some of the comments and your tweets, I know a lot of you were/are in sororities... or if you're a new college student you might have just accepted a bid for one. You are going to love this.

It's huge for sorority girls.

SEVEN amazing Greek items are being given away!!! You could enter to win them all. It'd be fun to share the prizes with your sorority sisters, but (of course) it may be tempting to keep all the amazing goodies for yourself!

(Note: Even if you're not in a sorority, you can still win the items and opt for a MONOGRAM instead of the Greek letters!)

Personalized From Me to You carries a ton of great products and has a great selection of Greek/sorority items.

Here's a list of everything you can win. Don't forget you can get the products personalized with your sorority, not just the ones pictured!

Personalized Bar of Soap
Choose from seven different scents!
16 colors available, gold or silver chain and 16, 18" or 20" length

Personalized Acrylic Key Chain

Personalized Wayfarer Sunglasses
tortoise or black with either gold or silver engraving

Acrylic Tumbler
6 cup colors to choose from

Sterling Silver Small Round Post Earrings

Acrylic Gift Box
square or heart shaped box

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget below!

open to US residents only

Good Luck!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Wear to Work

Oh my word, I feel like I've been absolutely flying by the seat of my pants these past few days! Between moving into my new apartment, trying to organize and clean things, keeping my email inbox somewhat manageable, gearing up for the next Sweet Lemon launch... and starting my new job... I'm basically struggling to stay afloat.

I've been spending my mornings in coffee shops logging a few hours before work (so I can continue blogging... hugely important to me), working all day, and then emailing/blogging until the wee hours of the morning. One thing I am SO thankful for: easy outfits.

Seriously, having a few "easy outfits" and the pieces that go into one is a lifesaver in the morning. The office doesn't have a strict dress code. Thank goodness. I am not a suit person, at all. (I look and feel terrible whenever I am in a suit.) There are tons of amazing people in and out of the office and events all the time, so it's important to still look presentable and professional.

Every body type, and personality, is different. When finding your easy outfit, make sure it's a flattering fit and makes you feel good. 

For me, wearing a belted dress is the easiest outfit for work. I've been looking for belted dresses more and more because I find I can get a great fit without having to go to a tailor. The dresses are made to be loose, but the cinched waist adds the perfect amount of shape without being "too much." Belted dresses also take care of issues of differing proportions of chests and hips. Sometimes I wish I could buy dresses that were one side in the bust, one size in the waist, and one size in the hips. Because I am NOT the same size from top to bottom.

My two favorite options right now are the polka dot Old Navy dress ($30) and the Anthropologie wisp dress ($168).

Another option I love is the J. Crew Minnie pants, a sleeveless blouse, and a bright colored sweater. This. Is. So. Easy. As long as you have a few options for each piece (i.e. multiple pairs of Minnie pants, a few blouses, and a handful of colorful sweaters) you will be able to make different outfits all the time... and feel great.

[Side Note: I think that most everyone looks good in Minnies. I've seen so many different women with different body types and they've all looked fantastic in the pants. The pants are the perfect length and can be worn with flats or low heels. They are also great for business events with a button down and blazer or even super casual with a t-shirt. My one suggestion would be to get the pants at least one size smaller. They have a little give and will stretch out perfectly (in a good way) after a few minutes of wearing/sitting down.]

Lastly, finding a few skirts that have the right waistline and the right hemline and the right material is great. It takes me a really long time to find a skirt that fits all three of those criteria. I either end up with a skirt that isn't flattering in the waist, or one that looks to casual because of the material, or one that's a little bit too matronly (or worse, too short). For me, let me know if it's different for you, I even struggle to find skirts within the same store or brand. One skirt from J. Crew might fit like it was made for me personally and other times I try on four different sizes and still can't find the right fit! Once I have a great skirt, adding a sweater set (again, love the Jackie cardigan) or a button down will tie the whole thing together.

Of course, every office has a different standard of dress and it's quite a good idea to follow the guidelines of your own individual office.

Now here's a question for you.... flats or heels? I love the way I feel (read: taller) in heels, but I am such a klutz that I don't really trust myself to wear them. I'm curious if you wear heels every day to work or occasionally (and when?).... or, like me, prefer to stay closer to the ground.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Celebrating Teachers

The Limited is currently celebrating teachers and offering a 15% discount for all teachers. As part of the celebration, The Limited partnered with various style bloggers and they asked me to participate!

I have so much respect for teachers and I definitely couldn't say no. I think it's great that The Limited is providing a discount for teachers right around the back to school time. How perfect? (A lot of my friends on Facebook just started their first year as teachers back in Tampa... I am loving seeing all of the pictures of their new classrooms! It puts a whole new meaning on the First Day of School!!!

As part of the partnership, The Limited sent me a dress and asked me to share a story about my favorite teacher from college!

I was super lucky throughout college and consistently had the best professors. I think professors can make or break a class, regardless of topic. (I took a Japanese Economy class, which was definitely not my strength... but the professor was so passionate about it that I ended up loving the class.)

My favorite professor at Georgetown (FYI this is difficult to choose) was my entrepreneurship professor. He was incredible. The class was three hours long and had absolutely no problem keeping the class engaged for all 180 minutes of it. Not only did he teach the course material well, but he was fantastic outside of the classroom. He truly cared about his students as individuals. He found the best speakers and we learned so much.

I was so enthusiastic about the class that I applied to be the teaching assistant for the following semester. Getting to take his class for a second time was fantastic because I got to learn even more and I got to know him a lot better.

Professor Finnerty inspired me to really pursue entrepreneurship. With his class, I learned a lot about my personal strengths (and how to deal with my weaknesses), while also learning fundamental lessons to help me build my business.

I wore the sleeveless shirtdress at work today. So many compliments... always a good thing! I also think the waistline is really flattering and the hemline is very work appropriate.

Check out The Limted's Facebook page and specifically The Limited Teacher Tab to see more bloggers and their stories with their favorite teachers!

Who is your favorite teacher? Are you interested in becoming a teacher in the future (or now)?


sponsored post from The Limited

Style Guide: Blair Eadie

We've all pretty much seen Blair Eadie's blog Atlantic Pacific... or at least seen pictures of her and her amazing outfits pinned and tumbled. Blair's sense of fashion is truly one of a kind.

While I think she totally rocks her outfits (and can really pull off just about anything & everything), she makes me feel super intimidated when I look in my own closet. (Anyone else agree here???) I am not brave when it comes to my own clothes. I tend to wear the same shirts and the same pants and the same skirts all the time. I mean, honestly, I wear these shorts like twice a week.

I am a huge proponent of remaining true to your own personal style and not trying to replicate someone's outfit from head to toe. In my opinion, it will simply never work... because, well, it's not your style. However, taking hints and cues from what inspires you (and, in this case, it may just be a fashion blogger's awesome outfit) and morphing it into your own is a great solution. Instead of going out and buying every piece of the same outfit, I think it works better if you take bits and pieces and incorporating that into your own style!

For lack of a better example, it's sort of like reading a self help book... There is absolutely NO way that everything in the book would be applicable to you personally. But maybe a lot of it does, or maybe just one or two things. You can still implement the things that work for you and skim past the rest.

Monogrammed Necklace | These big gold monogrammed necklaces are all the rage right now, and I definitely think we have Miss Blair to thank for bringing about that trend. I like how she wears the necklace with just about all of her outfits, preppy or trendy... and it works! I am a little jealous that her monogram spells out Bee too, what a cute nickname.

Sunnies | Maybe it's because of where my cheeks puff out a bit, but I can never wear giant sunglasses. Blair wears hers effortlessly. (Love the Karen Walker frames.) If you're looking for a quick, simple way to add some extra glam into your outfit, don't forget to slip into your biggest pair of sunnies. They're like a modern version of Old Hollywood, fashion blogger edition.

Striped Shirt | Okay, now this is something I can implement daily... Oh wait... I pretty much already do! What Blair does though, is layer and mix/match prints and patterns. Instead of pairing a striped shirt  with a basic bottom, wear a pair of bright colored jeans or (like Blair) opt for a bold floral pattern.

Utility Jacket | I used to think utility jackets looked so... masculine. But Blair shows that when paired with the right amount of girly pieces, the jackets can actually be feminine. (Even more feminine when brilliantly belted with a bright belt!)

Leather Bag | I definitely need to follow Blair's lead on the handbag front. I am most certainly jealous of her bag collection... It's always one of my favorite parts of her outfits! I think that when her outfits are particularly bold, she chooses a simple leather handbag. She let's the classic shape and color speak volumes without having it clash with the rest of the outfit.

Floral Skirts | Floral prints no longer mean Laura Ashley dresses or your grandmother's curtains. The floral prints on the market right now are very much wearable. Blair would definitely pair this floral skirt with a contrasting (but somehow still complementary) top. I, on the other hand, would probably choose a denim chambray top for a more casual look, or a button up for a dressier look.

Girly Flats | I'm one to choose simple sandals or a plain pair of ballet flats, but adding an extra element or two can take the footwear up a notch (or two). Patent leather always looks girlier and just a smidge dressier. These t-bar flats work because of the muted color. 

I decided to add this second image without the labels so you could get a better picture of the actual outfit!

Scroll through the widget below to find more pieces of Blair's style:

What do you think of Blair's daily outfits? Do you implement any elements of Blair's style into your own outfits? How do you make it your own?


PS Check out my last "Style Guide" with Sarah Vickers of Classy Girls Wear Pearls.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sponsor :: Rutherford Papers

Who doesn't need more stationery in their life? I, for one, am completely addicted to making new stationery purchases.

Rutherford Papers is an amazing stationery boutique online. I think my favorite part is not even about the paper (even though the entire selection is amazing). The company is really into customer service. They are dedicated to making sure that the customer is happy! You don't see that all too often nowadays. This is taken right off the "About Us" section on the website:

We respect the Golden Rule - we treat our clients like we want to be treated. And that means we also won't pass on ridiculous charges to you. We feel that if you trust us to print your invitations for you, then we want to make sure we do it the way you want, so we won't charge you extra for the initial proof. Want to spice up your invitation with colored ink? We're all for it, and that's why any single ink color is free!
Basically, our goal at Rutherford Papers is simple: We want you to find the paper that fits your style and have a great time choosing it. 

Rutherford Papers offers stationery for invitations, children, moving announcements, and personal use. I love how it's really a one-stop shop for stationery needs.

Here are some of my favorite designs:

So this one is obviously my favorite considering my recent move to NYC! How perfect is that little cab on the moving announcement?

How cute is this plaid personalized notepad??? Perfect for desktops.

I actually used to have a similar set of flat notecards as this one, but I ran out... Maybe it's time to restock!

These coral foldover cards are seriously precious. I love the coral and colors and monogram!


PS Use "prepster" at checkout for 10% off your order!!!

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