Sunday, January 20, 2013

Things I Love

I've been counting down to Kate Spade's "Things We Love" campaign for months. Seeing all the fun patterns and prints and pops of colors during Fashion Week, I knew it was going to be amazing!

(Side note: so many of my personal favorite things are included in the year-long collection. Love it!)

The campaign launched because Kate Spade is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. I definitely have enjoyed watching the brand grow from cute, boxy handbags that I remember from childhood to what it is today. I will absolutely be purchasing Kate Spade Things We Love. What a perfect book for a coffee table.

I'm interested to see how the Saturday brand will turn out as well. I follow the Instagram account and have enjoyed the sneak previews. I will definitely be keeping my eye on that!!!

Because I've already gotten swept away by what's been released for January, I thought it would be fun to share my list of things I love!

Things I Love:

Broadway Musicals, Brussels Sprouts, Mint Lip Balm, Plaid + Stripes + Polka Dots, Kissing in Cars, Grapefruit Juice, French Films, Ballet Flats, Pen Pals, Lazy Mornings

What would be on your "Things I Love" list?


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  1. I wish there was a kate spade store in australia!!
    Some of the things that would be on my list is Frank Sinatra, Post Christmas Sales and the aussie summer :)

  2. So funny, just scheduled a post for my blog about the Things We Love!!! As a kate spade employee, let me just tell you, we have a TON in store for this year -- it's gonna be perfect! And the Things We Love book? TO DIE FOR, I read it every night!


  3. Kissing in cars... scandalous ;)

    On my things I love list would have to be: social media, tie dye, nail polish, big cozy sweaters, puppies, and diet coke!

    And I have totally been loving Kate Spade recently too. I can't wait to check out their new stuff!


  4. Pen pal? Do you have a pen pal?

  5. Seriously can Kate Spade do anything wrong? I don't think so! I can't wait to get that book. The cover is just fabulous.
    I love your list and seriously I miss having pen pals! Do people still do that? It's so much fun to write to each other and the excitement on waiting for the letter as well opening it.
    I love Fun Pajamas, polka dots, random act of kindness, bear hugs from the bf,whipped cream, silent movies, and chocolate.

  6. Wow, so excited!

    I love your list! On mine I would have: nail polish, mashed potatoes, vera bradley, the color orange, books, pajamas, and the british virgin islands. :)

    xoxo Alyssa Jean

  7. I cannot wait for this line of Kate Spade eeek! I also really want the book! I agree with you about the mint lip balm, that would definitely be on my own list!

  8. Super exciting! Love Kate Spade!

    My list would definitely be polka dot sweaters, flats/boots, chambray shirts, scarves, hot tea, and coffee.


  9. Flats are the best! But I love me some heels too :)

  10. I'm really excited to get the "Things We Love" book! Some of the things I love are flats, stationery, chai lattes, and button down shirts!


  11. I love: coffee, chai tea lattes, everything polka dot, the SEC, riding boots, Texas A&M, puppies (especially my little girl), and Burt's Bees lip balm!!

  12. I love all these adorable lists that you make! Which program do you use to make them?

  13. Coffee, fresh sheets, and checked off lists would be on it for sure.


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