Friday, February 1, 2013

Think Pink!

Wow, January flew by. February is actually one of my favorite months. There's something about the unusualness of the short month that I really, truly just love. And what's better than loving a month that's all about love? 

And February is absolutely a PINK month.

In the words of the precocious Eloise... Think pink, a better way of life.

What pink things are you loving during February?


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  1. In the words of Shelby (of Steel Magnolias): "Pink, is my signature color..."

  2. this reminds me of elle woods from legally blonde :D

  3. i've been loving pink so so much! i think yhat i'm being influenced by all the valentine's day crazyness :p xo

  4. I love the Kate Spade studs. Pink is actually one of my favourite colours but I have purposefully steared away from it of late (as I was going a bit overboard with it lol) but this post has just reminded me how much I love all things pink :)

    Janine xx
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  5. I just joined Zeta Tau Alpha, and our philanthropy is Breast Cancer so I'm thinking pink for charity! I did a color crush board for pink a while back too!

  6. I love the color pink! I mean, orange is my favorite but pink is wonderful too! I just found these amazing-looking Red Velvet Milkshakes on Pinterest that I so want to try! My favorite thing about February is Valentine's day! I'm single (like I have been for every other Valentine's Day, except for one) and I just love the idea of spreading love around to other people. I think that is what the day is about, not just spending time with your special someone! :)

    xoxo Alyssa Jean

  7. Life is just so much happier in pink! Love the list.I just got a Clarisonic for Christmas, and I adore it... but I WISH my mia had been pink. I also need those Kate Spade studs. Gorg. Have a fabulous weekend!

    Diary of a Debutante

  8. I love the dollar section at Target and also their kitchen section because they sell the cutest little valentines plates and glass for such a cheap price. Also the amount of red and pin k in the stores makes me super happy.I also that it's National Heart Health Month. It's very important for people to be aware of the heart, which is a vital organ that we all depend on.

  9. LOVE IT! I'd have to say that my favorite pink item of the month is my Lilly Pulitzer "Pink" lotion. It reminds me of spring, and makes me happy. :)

    Great post, girl!


  10. I love pink.. but February is "Go Red for Women" month, which brings awareness to women's heart health! Check out my blog post today for more information on it :)

  11. Where do you buy the A-line dresses?

  12. I love love love anything pink and the fact that February and Valentine's day are another excuse to wear pink, I love! Right now I'm currently coveting the Kate Spade Pink Madeline Trench, sadly the chances of me ever owning it are pretty slim since I live on the budget of a nanny/college student. However I just ordered the cutest pink jelly flats and I can't wait for them to arrive! Counting down the days until spring!

  13. All the pink nail lacquers and lip glosses that are in my possession will be worn this month. Thank goodness it is February! Wearing pink makes me happy and reminds me that we are one month closer to spring :)

  14. I am so cheesy but I love wearing red and pink all month!

  15. Love pink & absolutely agree about February! Cute post.

    xx Elizabeth
    Champaign Taste

  16. LOVE Eloise! I especially love the pink KitchenAid appliances, but I pretty much everything pink.


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