Little Indulgences

Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of off. Nothing terrible, but I think it’s just one of those mini-funks that come with the changing of seasons. I have my health and my family and my friends… and, frankly, that is a lot to be thankful for. When I find myself feeling like my head is about to bob under the water, I remind myself of how full my cup is.
On particularly rough days, once I’ve accounted for everything I’ve been blessed with, I remind myself to just kind of slow down. To take a step back. To regain perspective. And to give myself some space for myself.
Sometimes I feel guilty about carving out that “me time.” I either feel like I have something that I should be doing… or maybe I feel like I don’t deserve it that day… or… I could honestly come up with forty different excuses why I shouldn’t. But I really must make time for myself in order to do my jobs correctly and to the best of my ability. I need personal space so I can open up with my friends and family. I am much better after taking time for myself and as a result, which helps everyone else. (No one wants to deal with a cranky, stressed out Carly!)
Taking time for myself is always a little bit of an indulgence and it comes in different packages depending on how I’m feeling and what the circumstances are.

A few of my favorite indulgences:
Coming home from work and slipping into pajamas for a quick cat nap.
Sitting in a caf├ę by myself with a book.
Watching a few episodes (in a row) of a show on Netflix.
Doughnuts, ice cream, or macarons.
Window shopping for things I will never buy.
Picking out (yet another) bottle of nail polish.
Eating (only) chips and guacamole for dinner.
Watching as many movie trailers as I have the time for in iTunes.
Throwing in the towel on my to-do list and going to the movies.
Getting my hair blown out at The Dry Bar.
What are some of your favorite indulgences?

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Ametis Bassir

Seriously loving all of yours indulgences! Spa day is one of my favorite guilty pleasures and treats I do for myself.



Spa day with my mom for sure! We usually head out to a spa in the countryside for a day near my birthday and Christmas. It's amazing how quickly you can get your mind off of things in a beautiful building with beautiful surroundings, amazing healthy food and a phone ban! It's also refreshing to be reminded that the world doesn't fall apart when you don't touch your phone for a day.


Love this list I would have to add to it:
Buying another pair of shoes
Baking something and letting someone else do the dishes


I swear, it's like you read my mind because I am the EXACT same way. I feel guilty about taking time for myself, but if I don't, my family and poor boyfriend-roommate get to deal with my crankyness. I've also been in a funk lately and I didn't consider the changing of seasons being a potential factor. I just chalked it up to changing jobs and my summer graduate class, haha.

Ashley Cameron

I love this list of indulgences! Everyone needs "me" time to recharge and regroup, so don't feel guilty about it. Some of my favorite indulgences are:
Picking out new makeup at Sephora
Eating Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough from the package
Picking up a beautiful bouquet of flowers to brighten my apt.
Cooking an extravagant dinner for myself

But I couldn't agree more watching a few episodes of a favorite show on Netflix!


Completely agree that sometimes we just need time to indulge ourselves, even if its something super small. I love:

picnicking in the park
dropping the to-do list to read
making a recipe I keep putting off
spending hours on Pinterest


Give me a massage and my day is made. 2 hours and it's even better.

For your macarons, you HAVE to try Laduree. Living in the City, you have no choice. Once you have theirs, you'll never have another.


i love these! i usually do the same. and if i am having a really bad day i combine a few of these for a night in. ignore the to do list, get in my pajamas, catch up on tv or watch a movie, paint my nails and eat something sweet.


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