Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I'm currently super sick. The kind of sick that involves every ounce of energy to simply get out of bed. Three hour "naps" every afternoon just to get through a decent amount of to-dos. Honestly, I probably (read definitely) need a little break anyway. Not the best timing, but hey! That's life.

One thing about being sick? I really would love to just be home in Florida in my real bed (can I call that bed my real bed anymore?) under my favorite fan. I feel like that's how you know when you're really not feeling well. Burrowing myself in my childhood bed... and having my mom make me toast. Because, honestly, toast made my moms is the best kind of toast there is.

(Moms in general are the best, aren't they?)

For Mother's Day gifts, I say that the more indulgent, the better. 

1. L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Creme | These hand cremes are quite amazing. One for her handbag, one for her nightstand, one for her car, one by the kitchen sink. You can really never have enough of these around!

2. J. Crew Vintage Pajama Set | I love these pajama sets and I think they work for all ages. My mom always is complaining about her pajamas (too hot, too short), so these might just be perfect.

3. Jo Malone Cologne | These little bottles are beautiful, but they're also just simple pleasures. I think Jo Malone scents are wonderful. Totally worth every penny and moms will simply swoon.

4. Kate Spade 'Mom Always Said' Bangle | Follow your heart, play fair, have another slice, chin up, take my advice, be nice. Sometimes it's good to have a little reminder of your own advice!

5. Tortoise Case for iPhone | Even phones need to play dress up every now and then! 

6. Bobbi Brown 'Skincare Essentials' Kit | This kit has everything: cleansing oil, face cream, and eye cream. Everything your mom needs to feel pampered and special!

What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day?


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  1. that kate spade bangle is so cute

  2. I woke up sick this morning, in the middle of finals week! I hope you feel better soon, but you probably really did need a break. I get tired just reading your posts sometimes, I don't know how you do it!

  3. Not a gift, but I found this website where you can make personalized cards and have them sent for just 2.50! I have the worst time finding nice cards in hallmark that aren't too mushy or boring.

  4. I hope you feel better... drink lots of green tea! :) Those pj's look super comfy. If you have some downtime (maybe inbetween naps :) ), checkout my derby week post for today... derby party drinks.


    A Pop of Style

  5. I got my mom BedHead pajamas - she's never met a pair she hasn't loved!

  6. i am sick too! it's the worst. my body can't figure out if its cold or hot. and it's 88 outside.

  7. Oh feel better, sugar! Drink lots!!

    And that's my favorite hand cream. Love it!


  8. HIGHLY recommend the Jo Malone fragrances for mothers. Whenever I smell a Jo Malone scent when I am out and about, I think of my mother <3 The scents are warm, chic, and are also formulated to be able to be combined! :)

  9. That IS the most decadent lotion I have every tried. Great Choice!

  10. I appreciate the post that you made about Lauren Graham's new book because what I am getting for my mother this year is the Gilmore Girls Season Seven disc set. I grew up as an only child living with my mother so we somewhat felt similar to the series.. and it is awesome anyways. Thank you for sharing your gift guide too, I love the Kate Spade bangle.

  11. Totally want the Kate Spade bangle for myself. Is that bad?

  12. My mom like Bangle, but I am thinking... to take her and dad also on a vacation tour :)
    Clipping Path


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