Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One-Piece Wonders

Remember the days when one-pieces were all the rage? Like... fifth grade. Camps where you had to wear a one-piece swim suit meant trips to the store to frantically search for one that was "cute." Then in sixth grade, we all upgraded to tankinis and as we got older the swim suits got smaller and smaller. I guess growing up in Florida meant that we had an unusually high number of swim suits... but they were always bikinis pretty much.

Well, now that I'm looking forward to some summer jaunts, I've had my eyes on some bathing suits. I originally started looking at two-pieces (like this one), but then I started to find these super adorable suits. Who knew that one-pieces could be so, dare I say... sexy?

The bows and the ruffles and the prints are just amazing, right?

Which would you choose? Are you into one-pieces?

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  1. Great Post Carly! i love the stripes form J.Crew. I was wondering if you could do a video tutorial for the Instagram photoshop stips for the template. I just got photoshop and I'm at a lost how you did it, as most of the comments seem to say.

  2. I absolutely agree with you there! I feel like the cutest cutest suits now are the one pieces. I love the Tory Burch flamingo one piece, and Modcloth also has some adorable one pieces. I might invest in one before I head to Florida :)


  3. Right?! I love one piece swimsuits... nothing to adjust or worry about. They're so classy too! I also love shabby apple's suits. :)

  4. I love one pieces! I have really white skin, so it looks so much nicer than a bikini. Australian designer Camilla Frank does some amazing one piece swimsuit, with amazing printed fabrics and her signature beading. My two favourites are:



  5. I love the black and white stripes with the bows, soo cute! I keep meaning to try a one piece but I'm scared I can't pull it off.
    can't wait to see what you choose!

  6. Love them! I have worn one since I was a little girl and love them. The color-block suit from Anthropologie is fantastic!

  7. I love one pieces and tankinis because I'm a modest person. Thankfully, there are some cute modest swimsuits for an affordable price!


  8. i have been wanting the jcrew stripe one but am afraid it will be too long. i'm tempted to order it since it's 20% off with the code bloom right now.

  9. Bikinis are great when you are lounging by the pool, but when you're jumping off rocks and rafting down the river a one piece can really come in handy. My favourite one-piece is called Parisian Tulip by Splendid.

  10. Yes! to this post. I really enjoyed looking at the one pieces when Shopbop had that swim sale last week. I really like the pink one you chose!

  11. modesty is hottest! i've always been a one piece/tankini kinda girl :)

  12. 100% in love with the first Anthropologie swimsuit. Oh man.


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