Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Memorial Day is the unofficial official start of the summer. I, for one, am super excited. I've seriously been counting down the days since... hmm... December for the arrival of warm (actually hot) weather. Long days and later nights. Sweating drinks. Short shorts. White jeans. Seersucker.

There are some telltale signs of summer. I think we all have some of these moments that remind of memories of summer past. Maybe it's wearing your white jeans for the first time. Or breaking in a new pair of Jack Rogers. Is it iced coffee on the porch? Or picnics in the park?

Last night, I instagrammed one of my favorite #SignsOfSummer... frozen yogurt. I had a walking meeting with a co-worker and by the time I made it to the subway, I was practically melting. (Don't get me wrong though, I loved every single humid second of it.) When I got uptown, I beelined for the Pinkberry around the corner from me. Strawberries. Blueberries. Chocolate chips.

Now that definitely falls under the #SignsOfSummers category.

Join the fun on Instagram using #SignsOfSummer! Can't wait to see what signifies this season to you!

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  1. Yum!! I've never had Pinkberry but I've heard it's to die for :) My sign of summer is the first time out by the pool.. though here in Texas that sometimes starts in March haha!

  2. Yummmm! That Pinkberry looks waaaay too good right now! I'm dying of heat in the office - going for some right after work!

  3. I'm waiting for the frozen yogurt place by my house to open. It's taking soooo long. I can't wait to stop by and grab some every so often (:

    xo, Taylor

  4. Ice cream is always my favorite part of summer. Love a good cup of frozen yogurt! or a softserve cone with sprinkles.

  5. Fresh squeezed lemonade and corn on the cob are a couple of my fav signs of summer!!!

  6. MMmmm I just had fro-yo from Menchies! For some reason they had pumpkin flavor, so I had that with peanut butter and pomegranate- rasbperry with sprinkles and strawberries. So yummy and the best thing for hot hot weather. Plus, its just about the best treat ever.

  7. Farmer's Markets! I love it when they start popping up in unexpected places across the city and you can grab new and unexpected treats for lunch and to bring home.

  8. So jealous. I'm dying to try Pinkberry!


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