Saturday, July 13, 2013

A fun afternoon!

Somehow we missed the rain, but Rachel from (soon to be relaunched) The Style Line and I just spent all afternoon wandering around the Upper East Side.

Exciting stuff!

We started at The Met. Coffee and book in hand, of course.

Headband, Gina Made It (c/o)
Dress Shirt, J. Crew
Necklace, Tuckernuck
Skirt, Molly B (old!)
Ballet Flats, J. Crew
Handbag, J. Crew
Sunglasses, Ray-Ban

Obviously we ended up in the 789 Madison Kate Spade store for some dress up!

I'm so angry at myself for not just getting this dress. But, consider it on my ultimate wish-list!

Oh, and this dress? Yes. Giant Bow. (For the record, it made me extraordinarily claustrophobic!)

It was such a fun afternoon; I can't wait to share all the photos with you when The Style Line relaunches!

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  1. The orange bow is ridiculous, but super fun, haha. Thanks to your blog I have a growing love for Kate Spade. <3


  2. Sounds like a great afternoon! I spent my afternoon shopping while on my beach vacation!


  3. Love that orange dress!!! Have a wonderful weekend! Kori xoxo

  4. Your outfit and the peter pan collar Kate Spade top are absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see your next post. :)

  5. i love that bow dress!
    sounds like a fantastic day :)

  6. Your blog is most definitely my favorite & I check it daily!
    Keep the awesomeness flowing!


  7. I died when I saw the photo of the orange dress on instagram! I love it and I think you definitely can rock that dress!!


  8. It sounds like you had a fabulous day! I love spending time at museums and art galleries on the weekend.
    Charlee Anne @ The Preppy Graduate

  9. That bow dress reminds me of Blair Waldrof--love it!

  10. I tried the bow dress on yesterday- it was beautiful but made me feel SOO claustrophobic too!

  11. sounds like such a fun day! you remind me a little of blair waldorf in the photo in front of the met! (love the outfit, btw) xo-ally


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