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“Back home” is a weird phrase nowadays. Is Florida “home” or is NYC “home.” Honestly, as wonderful as it is to see friends and catch up with everyone and run around to all my old favorite places… Tampa feels less and less like home every day. I sometimes humor myself and try to picture myself living there… but it just doesn’t pan out too much. (Although, looking at real estate listings in Tampa gets me almost every time.)
I’m coming up on the one year mark of living in New York City and it’s seriously strange to feel so at home in this crazy (and it is crazy) city. For every downside (um, the dirtiness), there are fourteen upsides (like coffee shops on every corner!).
I loved spending time in Tampa, but I cannot deny or ignore those wonderful goosebumps that wash over me when I drive into the city from the airport.
How do you know when someplace is “home”?

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I think you can tell some place is home when you notice yourself becoming more "you." I get what you mean, Carly – I've lived in Connecticut almost all my life and after spending my college years in Ohio, coming "home" feels less … well, like home. Then again, neither does Ohio. I really think I found myself when I interned in D.C. for a semester – that's when I noticed that I was thriving and being myself more often instead of feeling anxious and closed off.

CT Cupcake

hmmm I've lived in VA for 10 years and own my home, so it should be "home" but I still Connecticut home too. Perhaps because I swear I'm going to return to the tri state area at some point…as soon as I find a job that pays me enough to purchase a home in CT.

Caley Beacham

I feel that way now, and I'm still in college. "Home" feels less like home than my apartment at college. I think it's just about where you "fit" in a certain stage in life. I'll never be able to really call my old city "home" again.


I just posted about this subject today! I lived in London for the first five months of this year, and I keep calling it home when I talk to friends. "Back home…" and such. I feel out of place now that I'm back in the States in a city where I've lived my whole life. Obviously, South Carolina is home for me, but I consider London my new home now. And I have to find a way to get back ASAP!


I totally understand the feeling. At this point in my life, I consider my college town home. It's always a weird feeling being at home — nothing's really the same. I know when I graduate from college and move to NYC (hopefully) that'll become my home.




This is always an interesting thing to talk about, because I have three different places I would consider "home". I think there are different types of "homes" and what people consider their homes have different aspects. I think it's wonderful to have multiple places you can call home!



I moved around a lot while I was in university (every 4-8 months usually) and so my joke was always "Home is where your laptop charger is" ๐Ÿ™‚ I've been back with my parents for almost a year and so this is definitely home again!

H. Thiers

Haha I definitely understand what you mean! I've moved around a lot, but I've never exactly loved any place I have lived in; however, when I visited North Carolina one year I just had this amazing feeling about it! So, that is where I want to live after college!


Lemon Smiles

I think you just answered your own question ๐Ÿ™‚ You know a place is home when you look forward to going back to it. I know how you're feeling – it's a bit like emotional limbo…you don't technically know where you belong. I'm originally from a small town in Wales – all my family lives there. I moved to London nearly 8 years ago – around the 3 year mark I knew my home was in London. When I go back to Wales I feel like a stranger, everything has changed – new shops opened, people moved away/new people moved in, lots of change etc. When I'm there I know where I'd rather be living. That's when you know ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope that helps.


I know a place is home when I miss it when I'm not there, and I don't want to be anywhere else overnight. Also getting through a winter somewhere almost always makes it feel like home to me, because winter is a time to be cozy and I just don't feel cozy til I'm home.

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Julia D.

I really think the feeling you get when you leave and drive back from the airport is quite telling. Especially if it is from another place that you call "home." Funny that we have the same marker.


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