Sunday, July 14, 2013

Shades of... Light Pink

The other day, I posted a picture of my pink nail polish. I was on the subway riding back from a super long day at work and I just looked down and was happy! Light pink is definitely not the first color that I would turn to, but I'm kind of loving it lately.

I'm super fair, so often when I wear light pink, I look super washed out! But I've got a little bit of a tan (thank you Florida swimming pools!) so I feel like the color works! Oh, and I always feel rawther like Eloise when I wear light pink.

The nail color that I'm wearing is Martha from Julep. It had been sitting in my desk drawer for a while and I finally decided to put it on... Love. I've been going for more neutral nail colors (super pale pink, sand, cream), so I love that the pink is light, but still has some nice color.

Now I want more light pink!!!

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  1. I love light pink nails..but on other people! I have the same issue with my pale skin! Glad that someone can relate! Your nails look fabulous!!


  2. I love the color, but where is that ring from?!
    Light purple has been my summer color lately.

  3. That is a really pretty colored polish. Currently my favorites are mint, coral and lavender.


  4. I must say I am loving anything coral right now! It is such a nice beachy color for summer!


  5. Mint all the way! I've also been hooked on butter London's Pillar Box Red. Bright red might be a little weird for a summer color (except around the Fourth of July), but I love the pop it gives to a white dress.


  6. I always wear my super light pink nail polish as much as i can in the summer, when I'm tanned. I opt for more saturated shades in the colder weather. But in the summer, I get enough of a tan that I can pretty much rock any shade of my favorite color :) Love this post!
    Charlee Anne @ The Preppy Graduate

  7. Light pink is my go to nail color. It looks great with almost everything. So cute!

  8. Pretty! I wear light pink a lot. Have you tried Essie's Beach Party? Perfect for summer!

    Suppose Anything Goes

  9. So pretty! Light pink is so feminine and airy!



  10. I am loving light pink right now! Everyhing is adorable!

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  11. I love pairing up light pink and gold together. It's feminine and elegant!

    Those Kate Spade sunglasses are also gorgeous!

  12. What is really beautiful is not the light pink color but the beautiful hands of the Lady

  13. What is really beautiful is not the light pink color but the beautiful hands of the Lady


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