Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stationery Picks

Oh my. I've been going through booklets of stamps like it's my job. I pay all my bills online (love that!) so the only thing I really need stamps for are little notes. I've been writing so many notes lately. Thank you cards. Sweet little notes to people I haven't seen in forever. Attached to gifts. Thinking of you cards.

Something about the summer is making me catch up on all sorts of correspondence.

I have a seriously extensive collection of notecards, but at this rate... I'm going to need to replenish my stationery. Picking out new notecards is basically my favorite thing in the world. I did some online browsing to find some cute little cards. Here are the ones I especially love:

Do you have a great collection of stationery? What's your favorite?

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  1. I always love the Kate Spade stationery! The notecards are so cute. I love the bobbies print cards that you've posted too!


  2. One of my closest friend sent me some Kate Stationary for my birthday last year and I got some lovely stationary from Barnes and Noble that I really love.

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  5. I just gather and collect postcards wherever I go. Whether on holiday, in a museum, or even in a school or some corporate environment, I either buy a few or pick up some complementary postcards. I don't usually send them all - or at least not straight away. I take them home and stockpile and then use instead of notecards. So someone can get a small part of my life in the mail.

  6. I buy most of my stationery from Target, but I got this Girl Scout stationery last year from Amazon, and I love it!

  7. I love getting new stationary! I am still looking around too, but I had these really cute cards I used up about a month ago and I loved them! I really like the black bow cards you found!


  8. I know you have MayBooks so you should check out MayNotes!! May Designs lets you customize basically every aspect of the note card! Also, Kate Spade has a Lifeguard Press collection coming out and I would check those out too! I'm sure they're going to be adorable, given that its Kate Spade!

  9. Fiona, I am a postcard nut as well! Museums, restaurants, etc...love them. My mom has always been a very dedicated postcard sender and I guess I inherited the habit. :)

  10. I personally think writing notes is a classy thing to do! GQ did a feature on it a while back and I've been doing it ever since. I love the more personal approach it has.



  11. Love these stationary sets! My favorite stationary is Lilly Pulitzer monogrammed stationary!


  12. I love the Je T'aime cards. Too cute!

  13. I love these, but I think May Notes are my favorite. And they're half off today!

  14. So cute! I've been getting more into writing notes to people these days! Especially as my college friends aren't close by. My personal favorites write now are in the Mara-Mi brand at Target! So inexpensive and SO cute! I currently have the hot pink with gold hedgehogs embossed on them and the grey and yellow ones :) They also have iphone cases that are completely adorable.

  15. I love stationery so much that I started designing my own to save money. I started an Etsy shop to feature my preppy stationery creations and earn some extra money to support my stationery habit. :)
    I would love for you to check it out!


  16. May Notes @ maydesigns.com are 50% off right now! They're soooo cute

  17. I'm not afraid to admit that I have a weakness where stationary is involved. I love the crisp lines of heavy weighted paper as it folds over each note card. The perfectly drawn lines of a navy blue seersucker for summertime notes melts me. I dare to stop at this point for obvious reasons.
    How refreshing to read that someone else has a passion for wonderful handwritten notes.


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