Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What to pack in a carry-on bag!

I'm super excited about flying down to Florida this afternoon. I've been wrapping up some loose ends at work, packing everything red/white/blue that I own, cleaning up my apartment, and just simply getting ready.

Packing makes me super nervous honestly. I tend to overpack because I fear leaving something behind. I have plenty of clothes in Florida that didn't quite make the move to NYC and I can always borrow things from my mom and sister... and Florida does have pharmacies for toiletries. But still. I make, like, 14 lists so I don't forget anything.

As I was switching out some things from my bag for work into the carry-on I'm bringing, I thought it would be fun to do a video of everything I pack for a carry-on.

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Are you flying somewhere for the holiday? What do you typically pack in a carry-on?


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  1. You are adorable! Thanks for the tips, hopefully I will be utilizing them in the very near future!

  2. Ok, that pushed me over on the minimergency kit. Such a tiny little pouch! I do have to ask about your nailpolish color though, its a great neutral. I can tell it's Julep, (i think) but nothing else?

  3. thank you for this video! i need help with packing, haha! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  4. So many great tips. I always bring an empty water bottle to fill after security.

  5. First of all - OMG is that the new pink sofa in the background??!! Please can you do a post with photos!! Secondly I live in a different city to my family (3 hour drive) so when I visit for the weekend I try to pack cleverly - as you said, you can borrow things from your mum etc. So I usually don't bother packing any face creams etc (as my mum and I use the same brand (Liz Earle)so I pack the toiletries essentials - hair brush, tooth brush, razor and makeup. Re clothes, I try to pack a capsule wardrobe - I don't have any clothes in my parents house so it means I have to be quite smart and think of outfits that can transition from day to night. Since we usually only got for 1 night I pack 2-3 outfits plus accessories and shoes. Capsule wardrobes are key!

  6. One of my favorite travel items is the Evian Mineral Spray (I get it at Sephora) It's perfect to spray my face and keep me refreshed in that gross recycled air!

  7. I love traveling on planes! However, I won't be traveling on the plane this year. For my carry on I like to bring my ipad usually and then put my computer along with my clothing bag in the upper bin! I also carry a sweater, my iphone (of course!), a book, chapstick and other necessities, and my sunglasses!


  8. I keep a spare everything at my parents. I have a caddy with all my favorite products in their linen closet. Extra make up, electronics chargers, pjs, sweatshirts, socks/undies, etc. in the top drawer of my old dresser. It makes traveling "home" a breeze because I only need to remember to pack outfits. And, like you said, if something unexpected comes up and all of a sudden I need an outfit I don't have... I have my sister.

  9. I have the best time home! Enjoy it!



  10. I guess I didn't realize how big the little minka bag was! I'm definitely going to check it out!

  11. Being a guy, I just tend to throw junk together in a packpack or tote, but seeing how easy you make packing it definitely makes me want to try to organize a little.


  12. your sofa looks like hot pink here! i love it!!

  13. Hey Carly,

    I loved the video! Where is your pencil case from?

  14. I'm a horrible packer. I make list after list, and still forget everything I need to bring. It's terrible.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  15. I love this! You covered all of the essentials. I usually pack snacks & a pashima as well - planes are infamously cold!

    I just did a similar post: http://livmanning.blogspot.com/2013/07/summer-travel-essentials-planes.html

  16. I am a little bit old fashioned and still use a paper planner. I cannot go anywhere without it! Especially when I am home and my mom is reminding me of holidays, special events, etc. So useful! I also have to travel with a mini brush and hair ties in case my hair is not looking too cute by the time I land and mini eos lotion to make my skin feel rehydrated after that dry air!

  17. awesome timing on this post! i'm headed back home for the weekend, and will be taking a train ride -- pretty much same deal.

    also didnt realize how big the little minka is - now i want one!

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