Sunday, August 18, 2013

Anatomy of a Perfect Desk

As I've been trying to get my apartment in order (totally have a hit a roadblock on that front. womp), I realized just how much time I spend at my desk. Because I've been running around town after work for various events and meetings, I don't really get back to my apartment until later. Pretty much immediately, I walk straight to my desk to get down to business. I've been trying to get everything done by 11:30 every night, but even still... I simply spend a lot of time at my little desk.

It fits oh-so-perfectly in this random look nook in my bedroom. Sometimes it feels like I'm in a completely apartment! A while ago, I bought a ton of things at the Container Store, but I would still consider this little desk of mine a work in progress. I'm beginning to think that "finished" will never really ever happen. But that's okay. I'm coming to terms with that.

The one thing for me is that I kind of vacillate between different "looks" for the desk. Currently, it's all about the acrylic, but with the direction my bedroom is going a different look might be better. Hmmm. Still working on that.

BUT, there are definitely elements of a desk that are most definitely necessary.

Useful desks are ones that are both practical and a source of inspiration.

Practical in that you can actually accomplish the work you need to accomplish and have all the tools you need readily available.

Inspirational in that you're able to produce the absolute best work possible.

I think that practical and inspirational look different for different people. You might need a lot of clutter to spark that next brilliant idea. Or you might need a simple, clean space for organized thinking.

Here are some desk accessories that I have my eye on:

I definitely have an idea of what I want my desk to look like... and I'm slowly getting there!

What does your dream desk look like?


PS The Mini Parsons Desk from West Elm is perfection.
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  1. My dream desk would definitely be a nice white desk with a couple of cute organization pieces, picture frames, a lucite chair, and few figurines! I just love those pencils! I have been looking into getting some and I think I might have to now :)


  2. this will be perfect for setting up my college dorm desk!!

    A College Confession

  3. I've been meaning to get a nice desk soon. I don't mind working in different spaces, but I do need a set place where I know "This Space is Dedicated to Working". I agree that a desk has to be practical and inspirational; if they weren't, nothing would ever get done. Plus, I absolutely love the golden pig!


  4. I don't think anyone ever really has a complete desk! I absolutely love that lamp and those pencils are so adorable.

    ♡ Katrina

  5. My ideal desk includes some colorful frames and a flower/plant. The plant reminds you there is life outside of the office! I do love that Hustle Print, gives you some motivation when you're having that "It's only 2 o'clock?" moment!

  6. I've been looking at those bookends! I want them for the shelf over my bed in my Back to School post! I'm loving the white and gold! I'm using that palette too. :)

    <3 Pierce

  7. Very fun picks! I don't really have a desk, per se, but I love it all as office supplies.

  8. This is so perfect! I literally just got a desk in my room and have started to decorate. Love the post.


  9. I love this. The next time I move I plan on having an office, and these tips are absolutely perfect. I adore those pencils.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  10. Great ideas! My desk at work is awful, I have tons of books and a small calendar, anything else is absolutely forbbiden by company policies. Completely not inspirational! And since I get all work done in my office and actually don't have a desk at home!


  11. I need to work on my new desk area too! I always feel like I still have work to do when I get home


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