Friday, August 23, 2013


Maybe it's because I'm reading a book about horses or because I'm longing to wear my riding boots... but I've been totally into all the equestrian things online.

Disclaimer: I'm actually pretty terrified of horses in real life. I'd much prefer to wear a silhouette of a horse or wear riding-inspired boots than actually ever get on one. #thankyouverymuch

Also. Found this as proof that I have, in fact, been on a horse before. It was just a terribly stressful experience after a ton of peer pressure during a class trip to San Antonio.


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  1. I love all of the equestrian inspired items this fall too!


  2. That's quite ironic, since horse riding is thought to be very therapeutic! I do love the equestrian look, but sometimes I get conscious and look in the mirror thinking, "WWII soldier." I guess we are what we think...
    And thanks for reminding me of the J. Crew sale!
    Your Friend, Jess

  3. I am so obsessed with Tory riding boots I just need to break down and buy them. Also I am loving J. Crew's fall collection, I want it all!

  4. I ride and am buying a horse this fall or winter! I show horses at 2 and a half feet and three foot! I love wearing riding boots!

  5. I love this, I to love equestrian things, but I am not getting on a horse for anything.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  6. Hahah I must say, I'm a little surprised you didn't have cowboy boots on, being in San Antonio and all! ;)

    You should definitely look into J. Crew's pixie jodhpur pants - I just picked up a pair this past weekend and I can't wait for the weather to cool down so break them out and look like an olympic equestrian.

    J. Parker

  7. I just moved from Saratoga to Western NY and am so sad to be missing the races this year! I've decided that some riding boots will make me feel better about being separate though :) My new place is a mile from a very large stable so I'm looking to start riding there...hopefully I won't die, ha! jk...but not really?


  8. Was planning on adding another Barbour for this fall and I was so happy to see that this jacket is from them! I'm quite the opposite though - I've been a equestrian my entire life. How can you resist ponies?

  9. Spending so much time at the racetrack this summer has put me in a horse-mood as well. Those Tory Burch boots are amazing, just wish they were a little more in my price range!


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