Sunday, August 18, 2013

Textbook Season

Hello to all the college prepsters...

Just a friendly reminder that you can use this tool to find the best prices for textbooks!

I hope everyone has the best semester!

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  1. I have been procrastinating on buying books... hopefully that doesn't foreshadow my work ethic this semester.

    Ring-a-Round a Rosey

  2. When would you recommend buying your textbooks?

    A College Confession

  3. I'm so glad I put off getting my books, this is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I used this last week to buy my books and want to thank you for this terribly helpful tool! It actually persuaded me to rent my books this semester and ended up saving my parents 400 dollars. I was able to rent all but two books. Thank you Carly!

  5. I promise this isn't a paid endorsement or anything, but I tried out this link and it was totally not the cheapest option! It had semester book rentals for the two books I need for 60-80 dollars while I looked elsewhere and found rentals for 30-40 dollars. Try I promise it's way cheaper and has free shipping both ways.

  6. Just bought my only two textbooks today. It's sad when paying $325 doesn't even faze me. Normally I can get my books for free...either from borrowing or my cousin who works at Pearson. If they aren't free, they are definitely bought used. But darn the prof who decided that the textbook needed to be some custom bundle that I can only purchase at the bookstore!
    Good Luck this semester, my College Friends!


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