Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Working Girl Shoes (for interviews and jobs!)

One of the questions I receive all the time is what kind of shoes to wear to work or wear to an interview. I think the irony of this is that I rarely know what to wear. So we're in this together. 

My job is super casual (sneakers? totally fine.), but I still have various meetings that are a little bit more professional from a dress code standpoint. Oh and in college? I felt like I had 14 presentations a week that I had to get dressed for.

I had a trusty pair of Joan and David pumps that I always wore. I don't remember why I bought them originally (I'm pretty sure I was in high school), but they have certainly been around the block a few times... and then some.

Even if you have a casual job environment like me... or you don't have any interviews in the near future... or you're not in a school that requires one-point-four-thousand presentations... Having a pair (or two) or professional shoes in the back of your closet is never a bad idea.

Here are eight pairs (at various price points and heights) to get the job, or the promotion, or an A+:

What are your go-to professional shoes?

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  1. I bought a pair of Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps at a local Factory Store for a steal - they are originally like $200 and I think mine ended up being around $25 after a sale and another discount. They've figured into my formal and professional attire really well! I need to pick up a nude pair next. If you're hunting, go during major sales (Memorial Day, the Fourth, Labor Day, etc)!

  2. I love all of these! I am looking into getting a nice pair of black ballet flats and I really like the simple asos ones you pictured! Other than that, I usually opt for a heel when I have I go to business meetings/presentations. I own a pair from white house black market that I just love :)


  3. I ended up buying the black Kate Spade Dijon pumps and they are absolutely amazing!! I am not a heel person to begin with, but wanted the extra height for job interviews and other dressier events. These could not be more perfect and I'm not worried about toppling over when I wear them since the heel is thicker. The signature Kate Spade bow is the best little touch and a great conversation starter! I have met so many other Kate Spade lovers just buy wearing them.

  4. Love the Nine West pumps, I'm dying for a pair of nude pumps and these are perfect!

  5. I was just looking for a new pair of pumps for school presentations/job interviews. Thank you!

  6. I absolutely adore those Kate Spade shoes! They're gorgeous.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  7. Thank you for this!! B & I both work in pretty casual work environments (which is amazing), but there definitely are those days where I feel like dressing a little more professional. We've been searching for new work shoes, and I love these! Faves: Nala by Coach & Kenedy by Banana Republic.

    xo, K

  8. Great selection of shoes! I bought a pair of L K Bennett black kitten heels with bows (very Kate Spade!) with what seemed like a huge part of my first pay check...it was totally worth it though, as I'm still wearing them 7 years later! I definitely think it's worth spending a bit more to get something that'll last. K x

    The English Teacher Cooks

  9. All those shoes are adorable! I wish I had the confidence to walk in heels during an interview. I'm such a klutz; I always wear flats!

    I'm normally not concerned about what shoes to wear. I'm normally concerned about how to do my hair!! Do I wear it down, up, curl it?! I never know!

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  11. The Jessica Simpson Oscar Pumps ($60 from DSW) are the BEST!! I have nude and black and they come in probably 20 colors. The heel height is perfect and my favorite part is that they're rubber soled so they're a bit more comfy and less slippery.

    I couldn't get my size in nude anywhere in Boston or online, so I had a friend in San Francisco buy them and mail them to me. That's how badly I wanted them.

  12. I am so uncoordinated, I always wear flats to an interview. I think the most important thing is to be comfortable and confident...two things I could never be in big heels haha! I do love those Sloane pumps though....

  13. Naturally, I'd be obsessed with J. Crew's Sloane. I love their pumps and the toe-color!
    Your Friend, Jess

  14. Having a huge crush on the Coach heels! And Tory Burch is always a go-to!
    XO Corinna

  15. Ooh, I really want those Ivanka Trump heels for mock trial now! My go-tos are usually my Revas!

  16. Fun fact: I'm actually wearing those Nala pumps right now!!! I have them in mint patent leather and adore them! Enough of a heel that I feel like a lady but I'm fine spending all day chasing after my boss!

  17. No J.Crew Etta pumps? I'm shocked, Carly!!!

  18. great post! I'm heading back to work in a week after 15 months of mat leave and these pretty shoes are calling my name!


  19. I think it depends a great deal on the occupational field. The patterened pumps are somewhat risky for an interview for say finance. At least that's what I would advise my students when I worked at a business school.

  20. I absolutely love the Banana Republic ones! Might go have to search them out!


  21. I usually wear flats, but I really want a pair of pumps by the company that Nike owns.


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