Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating today!

I don't personally celebrate Easter (although the Easter Bunny did send a package filled with candy...). However, the holiday most certainly marks a turning point in colors at the very least for me. Pastels and spring-y colors are now most certainly welcomed (and encouraged) in one's outfits.

While I tend to look terrible in pastels (thank you pasty skin), I do have some fun when it comes to nail polishes. My favorite color for spring? Essie's "Fun in the Gondola."

Essie describes it as "a soft creamy mauve." Depending on your skin tone, what you're wearing, and the lighting it can look anywhere from bubblegum pink to lavenderish purple. I don't really like "mauve," so I'm not sure if it's the most accurate description. It's definitely just a fun color. Perfect for the month of April. You can also safely wear this to work without looking like you have crazy, somewhat cheesy Easter egg nails. It's sophisticated and fun!

What's your favorite go-to nail polish for spring?


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Now that I'm out of school and working in the Real World, my style has certainly changed. It is also definitely influenced by the fact that I live in NYC. I'm sure that the city in which you live impacts your day-to-day style at least marginally. It's a combination of the weather, the atmosphere, and the general vibe of the city. There are things that I can pull off in Florida no problem, and look plain silly here.

Plus, even though I work at a tech startup (aka we can basically wear whatever floats our boat...), I do dress up more than I did for class. Having discretionary money to spend on clothes is also pretty fun. Or dangerous, depending on how you look at it.

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Diane von Furstenberg. First of all, I think she's just an incredibly inspiring woman. I love how she supports women. We really just can't have enough of that in this world... especially now. Secondly, her prints and patterns and signature dresses are just amazing. Bottom line: she's amazing.

Be the woman you want to be. – DVF

This is the video that really started my fascination with Diane von Furstenberg. I, of course, knew of her and knew about her wrap dresses particularly. But, it's clear that she's incredible. Her willingness to participate in something so clearly cutting edge is what really did it for me. I definitely get goosebumps every time I watch this. (Her gold coin simply taped on her shoe? So sweet.) 

So, as I've been redefining (or maybe, rather, discovering) my own style, I've been finding myself continuously drawn to DVF. The clothes are just the right combination of fun and bold, young but polished.

With more and more nights out (especially now that it's finally warming up and staying lighter longer), I need more dresses for fun!

Again, we're pretty casual at Levo League and we can choose to wear things that fit our own styles. I love seeing what everyone wears to work every morning because everyone is SO different. That blazer is so perfect and the dress is a great "Carly" option for work!

Is there a brand that speaks to you for more than the clothes?

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Giveaway :: Lemon & Line + Tipsy Skipper

This giveaway has been on the calendar for a long time now and I'm just absolutely so excited to finally  announce it!

Lemon & Line and Tipsy Skipper are both Rhode Island made products that are inspired by the water. Bold colors and clean lines embody both brands. Because both brands are based in RI, we thought that a double giveaway would be amazing!

I picked out a coordinating Lemon & Line bracelet and Tipsy Skipper clutch. I met up with Fred to get a cute picture of the products. I'm obsessed. I've been wearing the bracelet all the time (it's great in a stack) and the clutch is amazing for dinner dates. The monogram is most definitely the perfect touch.

Want to win the bracelet and the clutch? Enter using the rafflecopter widget below:

Good luck!


PS Use "CollegePrep" for free shipping at Tipsy Skipper.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Beach.

Oh, I'm craving the beach.

Things are INSANE at Levo League right now. In the most exhilarating, a million miles a minute, high energy, high impact, amazing-all-the-time way. Seriously.... just get ready.

Even though it's super stressful (my emotions have been out of whack from all the craziness), it's been awesome. Sometimes I sit in on these meetings and I look around at some of the smartest people I've ever met and I'm just, like.... whoa. It's amazing.

The next two weeks are going to be crazy-town (again, in the best way way). During the day, I am always shocked when I look up and realize that it's after six. Of course, I also come home to basically my "second job" (aka TCP) and I've actually managed to have a ton of fun with friends almost every night. How I am still standing is kind of a miracle.

While I was in bed the other night, I was dreaming of the beach. I typically don't really like to take breaks, but the beach seems like it would be really quite wonderful right now. A little sand, a lot of sun, a pile of books, and a few days to relax.

(this is how I survive the beach in reality... towel, hat, umbrella, and some serious sunscreen.)

What kind of break would you choose right now?


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Share Your Story!!

I'm looking for stories.

Your experiences. What you've learned. Things that have scared you. Beliefs. Loves. Sagas. Moments. Journeys. The ups and the downs and any time in between.

The other day, I was talking to a friend and we were discussing the power of storytelling. I think that absolutely everyone has something to share and I'd like to hear! Ultimately, I want to start sharing other people's stories here.

Spend some time thinking about what you have to share. Write your story. Oh, and if you know someone with an incredible story, definitely encourage her to share her story here too!

So looking forward to hearing from everyone!


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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Perfect Spring Outfit

Now that we're officially into spring, I am just about over the moon. I'm definitely over this "winter." 2012 was okay, but the minute the clock struck midnight and the year flipped to 2013, everything went seemingly downhill. Especially the weather. It's quite annoying right about now. Besides that it's still very much chilly (if not completely freezing), the on and off rain is crazy!

Luckily, we're absolutely on our way towards sunnier days! If spring in NYC is anything like it was in DC, it will be just as unpredictable. Dressing for this kind of weather is just plain challenging. But I'm up for it. If only to finally get out of my boots and to be able to put away my tights until next season!

I've also exhausted every single weather appropriate outfit it seems like. But I think this is going to be my staple for the next few weeks. It's simple, easy to replicate, and looks pretty much put together. (Although it definitely won't take too much planning in the morning which is a wonderful bonus.)

The J. Crew popover is one of my favorite shirts. The white oxford is a wonderful little twist on the OCBD. Perfect to wear over skinny jeans. The AG Stevie Ankle jeans are amazing. The perfect length, the perfect fit, the perfect wash. I really hate spending money on jeans, but these truly do fit great. Throw on a trench (Target has a great selection of colors) and grab your simplest, chicest handbag

Now the shoes... that's where this weather really proves to be an issue. One day, you have to just bite the bullet and wear Hunter Wellingtons. The next day, you can get away with just regular ballet flats.

We're getting closer (hopefully) to days when sandals will do just fine. Can we talk about how amazing these Sam Edelman wedges are??? I absolutely need them.

Beautiful, no?

What is your go-to spring outfit going to be?


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