Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Favorite Kate Spade Dress On Sale

Oh, that dress I've been lusting over is on sale... Someone tell me (not) to get it.

so tempting.

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Style Consultations

How fitting... April was all about style. I've kind of admitted that I don't really have great style beyond what I find to be comfortable and whatever. Literally, ballet flats were definitely invented for girls like me. Less than graceful me prefers to not test gravity. I have a ridiculous collection of blue button downs and half of my closet is more suited for the beach than busy Manhattan.

If you follow me on Twitter or keep up with Levo League, than you must know who Kathryn is! Kathryn works at Levo with me and just so happens to sit across from me at work. She's hilarious and has the absolute best style. Honestly, every morning that she walks into the office, we all take note of what she's wearing. And by "take note," I mean it. It's not uncommon for someone to wear the exact same thing as Kathryn the next day. Yep. Guilty.

While watching an Office Hours, Kathryn was inspired to create her own "sidle hustle." Kathryn has recently launched her own website (and blog!). I volunteered my closet as a guinea pig for her new project.

It was amazing.

Kathryn and I spent all afternoon going through my closet (oh my was that a task) and then caught up on the stoop of my apartment to debrief.

Some of the outfits that Kathryn put together for me. (A lot of my clothes are older so I tried to find similar options in case you want to replicate!)

J. Crew Striped Dress (similar) // Bass Weejuns (similar)

J. Crew Gingham Shirt // White Jeans // Dolce Vita Oxfords (similar)

One of the pieces that we kept going to over and over again was this linen blazer from Theory that I've had for years. It's funny because I rarely wear it, but Kathryn totally made it work with so many different looks.

The J. Crew Linen Schoolboy blazer is a good alternative.

Madewell Gingham Dress

J. Crew Blouse (similar) // Chino Shorts // Eastland Loafers

Tory Burch Dress // J. Crew Sweater // Target Belt

Zara Blazer // J. Crew Blouse (similar) // Urban Jeans

Gap Shirt Dress // J. Crew Socks // Desert Boots

Find out more about Kathryn's styling services here!


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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Great Gatsby

How cool is this feature on the New York Times!? It's an interactive feature with all the covers of The Great Gatsby... I'm getting super excited for the movie premier. Oh, we've been waiting for so long!!! I hope the wait was worth it...

Anyway, here are my favorite covers:

Which cover is your favorite? Are you excited for the movie?

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Tortoiseshell and Pink

I was pulling images for a mood board this weekend and I started seeing a trend in what I was pulling. Pink. And tortoiseshell. I have simply fallen in love with the combination. Honestly. It's kind of perfect.  I like the classic look of the tortoiseshell and the modern (huge pop of color) with the pink.

I'm definitely going to start incorporating this combination just about everywhere. Perfect way to accessorize simple outfits.

What do you think of the color combination?

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Uniform

I think I've found my official spring uniform... Shirt dresses. Easy. Simple. And put together with about zero effort. Count me in.

I found this one at Uniqlo months ago and put it the back of my closet for warmer weather. I finally was able to take the dress for a spin and I think it's safe to say that it's perfect. (And at $40, it's a pretty good investment if you ask me!)

I have a feeling my dry cleaner will be seeing this dress weekly. Sorry about that.

sunnies // Warby Parker
dress // Uniqlo
sandals // J. Crew
bag // J. Crew

More shirt dresses...

Do you have a favorite shirt dress? What's your springtime uniform?
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Graduation Gifts

I cannot believe how fast this past year has gone. I graduated almost a year ago and I'm more than a little dumbfounded. Seriously, where did time go? I'm going to do a longer reflection closer to the one-year mark of my actual graduation, but I knew I had to put together a quick gift guide for graduates.

I used to do really fun and quirky little gifts for these guides, but having actually graduated and lived in this so-called-Real-World for a bit, I've decided that practical gifts are definitely the better way to go.

I pulled together some varying price-points, but did keep things a little bit higher end. Of course, these are just ideas and suggestions of things to keep in mind. Honestly, all of these things are gifts that would have come in handy this year!

iPad Mini | For continued education

I have the regular iPad and thought the mini was ridiculous. However, there are so many times when I wish I had a smaller one. Oh, Apple. You know how to make people want extra gadgets. The mini is perfect for professionals who commute to work and want a light devise to use to read on and bring up presentations for client meetings.

36 Hours Travel Book | Encourage travel, expand horizons

This is a great book for someone who wants to travel, but has a stricter working schedule. 36 hours may just be a perfect way to visit some fun cities. Definitely a must for any adventurer.

Nikon One | Capture the memories

Instagram is obviously great and all, but sometimes you just need a real camera! This one is small, but powerful. No need to lug around a giant DSLR.

Passport Holder | The real golden ticket

If your (lucky) graduate is jetting off for a trip of a lifetime, this passport holder is perfect. It's gold. And Kate Spade. And will certainly charm the socks off her.

Watch | A classic gift for a graduate

Watches are a go-to for graduates. Pick one that will stand the length of time!

Jo Malone Fragrance | Fresh scents

Every grown up girl needs a grown up signature scent.

J. Crew Pajamas | Nothing says "Real World" like a classic pajama set

T-shirts totally work in dorm rooms, but new apartments need new pajamas. There's no better feeling than making coffee and reading the newspaper wearing matching pajamas.

Framed Art | For the beginning of a great collection

Framed art for an apartment seems boring, but you know what's more boring? White walls. Do the unexpected and help outfit a few walls!

Pearl Necklace | Pearls are a girl's best friend

I mean, this one kind of speaks for itself.

Wallet | You can't go wrong here

The ID lanyard is a thing of the past now that you're out of the dorm rooms! A wallet seals the deal now with a real job!

Stationery | Grownup stationery for grownup correspondence

Monogrammed stationery is such a wonderful gift for really anybody on any occasion  It's personal and charming and downright useful.

Clutch | A girl still should have some fun

Nights out in college were sloppy, but now you need the perfect clutch to go out for drinks after work and late nights on weekends.

Charm Necklace | Accomplish magnificent things

Because sometimes you just need a little guidance and a sweet reminder that you're really great and will accomplish great things.

What do you think is the perfect graduation gift?

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