Friday, May 31, 2013

Let There Be White

Sunnies // Top (similar) // Jeans // Shoes // Bag

A sneaky shot from an iPhone on the way back to the office after a quick coffee run. (And a gross, it's 90 degrees finally, ponytail.)

I finally pulled the trigger and bought a new pair of white jeans. The pair I've had since high school has certainly seen better days.

I tried on a bunch of options. (Have I mentioned before how much I dislike shopping for jeans?!) Ultimately I decided on the J. Crew Matchstick jeans. Hello! Perfect jeans for summertime! Yes, I will be wearing these weekly.

I love this white "Afternoon Dress" from Madewell. I think it'd be great for running around the city, don't you think?

Are you breaking out the white jeans and dresses and shoes now?

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Favorite Nail Colors for Summer

I have a serious problem with nail polish. I just love experimenting with colors (even though I tend to gravitate to the same ones over and over). And I simply just can't stand having chips. I always keep the bottle of nail polish of the color du jour in my work bag. If I get a tiny chip during the day, I can just do a quick touch up at my desk. Important work things, of course.

During fall and winter, I feel like we're pretty limited in the colors that are appropriate for the season. But then, spring rolls around it's like a whole new world opens up for color! I'm not the biggest fan of "springy" pastels. So you better believe that now that summer is here, I'm going all out when it comes to nail color.

One of the girls I work with has been wearing neon (and I mean neon) pink and I love love love it. I'm officially on the hunt for the best neon colors out there. Feel free to recommend your favorites to me!

While I love to experiment and test out new colors, I thought I'd share some of my go-to colors. The ones that are tried and true!

Eep! I tend to collect the same types of colors... but I promise those reds are actually different shades!

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender from a recent Instagram

Essie Plaza Sweet // Essie Fun in the Gondola // Essie Geranium

I think between those four, I'm pretty set. They're bright and fun for summer and go with just about everything that I wear.

Again, I'm up for pretty much anything color-wise during the summer. But I'm not into nail "art." The most I'd do is paint one nail different, but even then I'm super hesitant. Little paintings and patterns/prints with polish is just not my thing. (Polka dots, however, are an entirely different story!)

Some more colors I'd like to try:

What are your go-to summer colors?

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thank a Teacher Today

I had another post planned, but I just heard some incredibly sad news about one of my teachers from elementary school.

I've mentioned a few times on here that I had the best teachers growing up. I am honestly not just saying that. These were the absolute best of the best kind of teachers. Considering how much time children spend in classrooms, I think having the right teachers is imperative. Unfortunately, teachers also don't get nearly as much credit (or compensation) as they should.

School for me was never as torturous as television shows would make it out to be. I 100% attribute this to the principals and teachers that taught us and, honestly, supported us as we grew taller and smarter and older and wiser.

To this day, I'm still close with most of my teachers. We're all friends on Facebook and we keep up with each other's Instagram accounts. I looked up to these women (and men) growing up in ways that I can't even describe. My mom was crazy involved with our schools' PTAs, but even still, every single one of my teachers served as a surrogate mother during the day.

Even though we keep in touch through social media from time to time, I really don't think that I've ever reached out to my teachers to thank them. So much of my life and my path and my interests were molded and incubated under the watchful eyes of these women. Each taught me lessons about life and truths about myself that I still carry extraordinarily close to my heart.

I'm so sad for the loss of my elementary school science teacher and I really wish that I could go back and tell her how much she impacted my life. The biggest thing that I remember was that she gave the hardest tests. We had her for science third through fifth grade and I'm telling you, these were some of the hardest tests. It was her tests that instilled the importance of studying to me. I can still remember sitting in the stands of the softball field while my sister played, memorizing the different types of clouds (and their spellings). I got a C on the test and was horrified. She gave us super hard worksheets on a different state each week that we had to research using encyclopedias or Encarta (hey, this was pre-Google). Every Halloween she would dress up like a Mad Scientist and perform tricks for us. We hatched chicks. We dissected owl pellets. We held annual science Olympics. We traveled to the Edison & Ford museum and then collected sharks teeth at the beach. We did the science fair and the classic egg drop. We had an "electrical" project assignment that to this day still gives me anxiety and nightmares. (We were competitive little 9 year olds.) We raced mice! I still remember (most) of the names of the bones in the body because of her.

One year, my family and my friend's family were invited to her ranch. We rode in her truck and followed cows around. We played in her house and we were obsessed with this new gadget she had called the Roomba. The walls of her house were lined with some of the most exquisit artwork that I have ever seen outside of a museum (and, of course, Mamma Mia records).

It is eery because I wore this Dark 'n' Stormy dress because I thought it was going to rain. I was texting my friend how I felt like Mrs. Frizzle matching my dress to the weather forecast. I cannot think about Mrs. Frizzle without thinking of my teacher because she always wore dresses with matching belts... just like in the Magic School Bus.

My teachers were more than teachers to me and my friends. I owe them so much and I don't even know where to begin or how to begin to thank them for everything. Again, I am sad that I won't have the chance to tell her... but I think it's an important reminder for everyone to reach out to the teachers of our lives to simply say thank you.

PS She gave me a copy of this CD when I graduated elementary school. The song has always reminded me of her and it honestly has even more meaning now.

I hope you dance.
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Does this mean much to you? Probably not. But to me, it means that I finally got over my fear of my oven. Honestly, I was scared to death. But I forced myself to buy the ingredients for cookies in order to persuade myself to do it.

And I didn't burn down the apartment.

Hello. Winning.

I will say that I was truly spoiled with the ovens in my parents' house. I'm used to convection ovens and this is just... not. But it will do.

So in addition to getting book recommendations... I'm now officially looking for cookbook recommendations! The thing is that I'm a (modified) vegetarian of sorts. Nothing too drastic or crazy, I just don't eat meat (chicken, turkey, beef, etc.). I'd love to hear what your favorite dishes to make are.

I'm going to really try to commit to learning how to cook some staple meals. Because, you know... a refrigerator with only chocolate syrup is just not going to cut it for the rest of my life.

I've been collecting amazing recipes on Pinterest in the hopes that I'd finally conquer the whole oven-phobia thing. Now I'm super excited to get to try some!

Roasted Cauliflower & Mushroom Quinoa Salad // Italian Fries

Orange Sweet Potato Baked Chips with Thyme // Salmon with Creamy Cucumber-Fennel Salad

What is your favorite meal to cook? Do you have any favorite cookbooks?

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New Books (...what are you reading?)

I had the absolute best staycation this weekend for Memorial Day. Honestly, it was just what the doctor ordered. Even though NYC didn't have the greatest of weather (certainly no Florida temperatures or sun!), I really enjoyed the excuse to stay in bed extra long.

Actually, it was also a great excuse to do one of my favorite things... explore Barnes and Noble. Of course, it's super close to my apartment, so I find myself just "stopping in" to take a spin and then I walk out with a handful of books.

I can't wait to get reading!

What books are next on your list?

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Professional Look by Tuckernuck

I met up with my friends at Tuckernuck to do a quick shoot in Union Square a few weeks ago. They've posted a few (more) of the shots on their blog.

I ran out of the office to take the photos in between meetings and I just love the way Union Square looks in them! It's such a fun place to have lunch outside and shop the market on Fridays. The skirt I wore is absolutely perfect for wearing to the office. It's a super classic shape and I love the length. It looks great with gold wedges. I wore one of my favorite button downs from J. Crew with ruffle details on the collar and sleeves. And, because the weather in NYC is always unpredictable, a trench coat is never a bad idea.


What do you wear to the office?

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