Saturday, August 31, 2013

Giveaway :: Nico & LaLa

When my friends over at Nico and LaLa told me they were releasing brand new, super adorable iPhone cases... I knew that they would make the most perfect giveaway!

Did I mention that they're monogrammed? I know.

The cases all come in a couple of different color combinations... almost too many to choose from. Or better yet, get a few. Cover your bases and match all your outfits!

I'm quite partial to the seafoam zebra case because it matches my adorable stationery.

The winner of this giveaway will get to pick out which iPhone case she wants! Lucky girl!

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget below:

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Good luck!
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Sale Roundup

(Because my birthday is on Sunday and it's like a three-day celebration!)

Shopping– and shopping for great deals– for everyone!

ASOS- 20% off. Code: SUMMER4EVER

BaubleBar- Buy 2 sale items, get 25% off. Ends: 9/2. Code: SUMMER25; Buy 3 sale items, get30% off. Ends: 9/2. Code: SUMMER30; Buy 4+ sale items, get 35% off. Ends 9/2. Code: SUMMER35
C. Wonder- Save 25% on full-price items. Ends: 9/2. Code: LABORDAY 
Um, Leopard pumps anyone?
GiGi NY & Graphic Image- Free monogramming and shipping. No code needed.
J. Crew- Extra 30% final sale items. Code: HELLO30
J. Crew Factory- 40-50% off everything. 
Nordstrom- Save 40% off select shoes. Ends: 9/15. No code needed.

Tory Burch- Take 20% off purchases of $300, 25% off  purchases of $500, and 30% off purchases of $750. Ends: 9/2. Code: LABORDAY

I might be heading out of the city for a mini day trip tomorrow and then back to the city to have a few low-key birthday celebrations. I'm looking forward to staying in bed extra long, checking off some things on my #ProjectApartment list, and spending some much-needed time on paperwork that I've been putting off.

What are your Labor Day plans?


The PERFECT Bag for School or Work

When I heard about Dagne Dover, I was over the moon. I've been searching for the perfect professional bag for work... that works. 

Some bags are cute, but don't hold everything that I need. And some hold everything, but don't have a good shape.

The Dagne Dover bag is genius. It has absolutely everything you need for a working bag. (And honestly, I wish I had used one in college– perfect for carrying textbooks and laptops to and from the library.)

The bag was made for women. And it shows. Cute colors, perfect shape, great length handles, and a proper place for absolutely everything.

There's a slot for a laptop (up to 15")
A slip for an iPad.
Pockets for your wallet and phone.
Three spots for pens or lipglosses.
A detachable keystrap at the right length for opening doors at ease.
.... and my favorite part? An insulated cup that fits water bottles or umbrellas.

Everything has its place.

Oh... and besides the bag... Dagne Dover also has the most brilliant wallet clutch.

It's compact and, just like the tote, has a place for everything. This is so smart. When I run out for lunch at work, I generally end up bringing my entire bag, but this serves as a quick grab and go. Plus, the card case detaches so you can slip it into a tiny bag for afterwork.

Yep. In love. 

Don't forget to check out Dagne Dover to see all the cute colors!


PS I'm wearing this dress (on sale!) and these shoes!

PPS Edited to add that the bag pictured is borrowed while I wait for mine from Dagne Dover. They're a super amazing startup and I met Melissa in her office to check everything out! Can't wait to receive mine and to hear how everyone else loves theirs... and there's definitely going to be a giveaway in the future... so stay tuned ;)

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

... More Kindness Inspiration

I really couldn't collect my thoughts in the way that I wanted when I talked about kindness this morning. Someone emailed me a transcript of this speech around 3am and it was the first thing I read when I got up. George Saunders absolutely captures what I wanted to say, but failed to.

George Saunders' commencement speech:

"Why aren't we kinder?"

Amanda is one of my friends that I've met through blogging and she's absolutely perfect. Her gentle reminder pencil collections are just that... gentle reminders.


PS Anyone else super excited for the long weekend? I can't wait!
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Kindness is something that I think is hard to come by nowadays.

I don't really know if "nice" is the right word. Sometimes I think "nice" gets roped into passivity. Be a nice girl. Buy nice clothes. Have a nice job and live in a nice house, with a nice car in the garage. Wear a nice smile.

Yet, I've absolutely seen niceness... that was disguising insecurity or hiding true feelings or even masking unpleasant behavior.

Mackenzie and I were being interviewed something a few weeks ago and one of the questions was "What is one of the difficult things about blogging?" After I joked about having to keep up with invoices and balance sheets, the sometimes not-niceness of the blogosphere can get me down. Now, this covers a few things, but maybe not what you'd expect. Yes... unfriendly comments or snarky forums are not exactly fun. But the general blogging community can be, not nice at times.

It can be competitive and passive aggressive and cliquey.

And it's not just blogging. I see it... everywhere. Sometimes I am even not that nice and I don't like it. Whenever I find myself saying not-so-nice things or not helping someone out in a way that I know I can, I press pause. I try to nip it in the bud right away. (One trick that I do is to replace every negative thought with a kind one... and better yet, say it out loud.)

Being nice... and even more so... being kind is imperative. It's healthier for everyone. Everyone benefits. Everyone wins. Everyone is better off.

I firmly believe that what you put out into The Universe, you receive.

Exude kindness and you'll be surrounded by kindness.

When we're in high stress situations (impending deadlines, overwhelming to-do lists, relationship issues), kindness is seemingly the first thing to go. Maybe it's because we're in fight or flight mode or maybe it's because we just start thinking of ourselves. But it's in those moments where kindness is the most necessary. Perhaps everyone feels the anxiety from that deadline or (very likely) that person has no idea what you're personally going through! (And, who knows what they might be going through!!!)

Be kind always, but make that extra effort to be kind... when it's hard.

This goes for everything you do "in real life" to everything you say and do on social media.



PS I've been listening to this song so much. I just love it.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Oh so dying over the entire Tuckernuck pre-fall collection. And I simply cannot wait for the whole fall catalog to go live. Eep!

The sneak peeks are just... perfect.

My personal favorites:

Yes, I think I'm in love.


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