Monday, June 16, 2014

Why, Hello Monday

I actually don't hate Mondays. There's something about that fresh start, clean slate feeling that I crave. (And Mondays are a lot better when you don't hate your job!) I always try to end the week on a good note, going through the big things on Friday and tying up loose ends so Monday morning isn't so daunting.

I didn't get a chance to do a weekend recap yesterday, but I wanted to share photos still! It was the perfectly low-key, hang around, enjoy the city kind of weekend. Sorry for the picture overload, but I want to document every minute of summer and sunshine to look back on come winter...

(And lots of Netflix– Garrett and I finished Orange Is the New Black!)

Central Park in the summer is my favorite. I'm half-tempted to just pitch a tent out there to live for the next two months. Last week it was super rainy (aka muddy) and Teddy hates the rain so we missed our morning park off-leash walks and opted for the sidewalks instead. Honestly, it was kind of nice not being able to go for a few days because when we returned it was pretty glorious! SO much sunshine.

(I think Teddy thinks he owns the place....)

A tired Teddy. How cute is he resting his head on the folded blanket? I was getting ready to do laundry and looked down and saw this little muffin. 

Sunday (super late and super long) brunches with friends is always a perk of weekends. We ate outside and drank our body weight in iced coffees.

I've been keeping things pretty casual lately so it was fun to have an excuse to pull out a new dress! I bought this Lilly dress during a Rue La La sale (Garrett convinced me). It's super bright and I was kind of on the fence, but it's one of my favorites now! This dress and this dress are both similar options.

Also, I'm going to brag on these espadrilles again. I swear, these might be the most comfortable non-flats ever. They have a little platform under the toe, so you have extra height without having a steeper incline of a heel. Does that make sense? Like the wedge is a wedge, but barely so they're super comfortable. (One note, if you're between sizes, size down. I'm a true 7 and could probably go down to a 6.5 in these for a tighter fit.) 

This photo is from my Instagram and I've gotten a few emails about what the heck the weird script in the captions of some of my Instagrams are. It's actually pretty cool, even though it's oddly complicated. Basically, you can sign up for Like To Know It and then when you "like" one of my Instagrams that is tagged with "#liketkit," you'll get an email with the products I'm featuring. I try my best to answer people in comments when they want to know where something is from and this is just another easy solution. (I suggest changing your email preferences to once a week... I personally hate getting emails all the time and with that option you'll get a "round up" of all the photos you liked from the week!) Here's what a sample looks like!

Did you have a good weekend? How's Monday treating you so far?

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  1. oh my gosh it looks like the most perfect weekend! love your new lilly dress, and teddy!

  2. What a beautiful weekend! Love your dress!! xoxo

  3. Great photos! It was a beautiful weekend on Long Island. Glad you enjoyed the weather as well. Sunday brunch happens to be the highlight of my weekends too.

  4. It seems teddy just gets cuter and cuter.

    I actually enjoy monday as well, it just like you said Mondays are all about clean slates to be too !

    Cheers, Jennifer

  5. Your pictures look so lovely, seems like you really did have the perfect weekend! And Teddy is such a cutie, he'd brighten it up even without the sunshie. My weekend was full of family and laughter as it should be :) finally getting to go home and visit my parents almost (almost) made it my 16 hour day today more tolerable!
    Hope your Monday is better than mine :)

    Forever Rebecca x

  6. I love your dress in these photos, but I think the most alluring thing to me about this whole post is the cream mixing perfectly with the coffee.

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  7. I love that dress it looks amazing on you, and teddy is just so sweet and fluffy.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  8. New York is beautiful in the summertime! Teddy is so cute!!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  9. My Monday has been full of errands and baking for tomorrow's picnic, but I definitely love Mondays! There is something great about starting a new week! Also, I love Orange is the New Black, aren't you totally addicted now??

    Prep on a Budget

  10. I'm 3/4 the way through OITNB, hoping to finish it this week. For some reason Monday workdays always fly by whereas Tuesdays always drag, not sure why!

  11. What beautiful pictures! Looks like you and Teddy had a great weekend :) I have been so curious about the #liketkit hashtags on your photos... now I can't wait to sign up!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  12. Teddy is so adorable and I love that dress!


  13. Looks like a beautiful weekend!! I love that dress; looks beautiful on you and is a great color!!

    xo, Taylor

  14. That looks like a great weekend! The food looks absolutely delicious as well.


  15. Looks like the perfect weekend to me! All you NYC blogger make me miss being in the city so much! Belvedere Castle is one of my favorite spots in Central Park. You can't beat those view!


  16. teddy is adorable. i'm being nosy here but is that the outside of your apartment in NYC?? (the photo directly above teddy lying down) if so wow, you must live in a gorgeous area.

  17. Love posts like this! Simple, relaxed, and refreshing!

    Also, OITNB...addiction.

  18. Mondays don't have to be bad - especially if you plan things to look forward to throughout the week and not just on the weekends!

  19. Carly!
    What did you think about Orange Is The New Black?
    Team Vee or Team Red? :)


  20. Any man who convinces you to shop on Rue La La is a keeper. ;) He has good taste, though!
    xoxo Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest


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