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The next most requested gift guide was for guys. Why are they so hard to shop for?! I actually think that picking out presents for guys generally requires a little bit more personal information. You can’t just find something “cute” that you know he will love.

I thought it would be a good idea to enlist the help of Gar for this post. All of these items have his stamp of approval!


These are all his favorites and he gets really good use out of them all. I got him a new Dopp kit for his birthday this year since I knew he’d be traveling a lot and he loves it. After doing a quick “power hour” on Facebook helping people find gifts, a lot of people mentioned that the men in their life (dads, boyfriends, etc.) enjoyed reading so I also included Gar’s favorite book. The cologne I included is so good– I’ve been stealing a spray or two for myself every now and then! And when in doubt? Go for something needlepoint.

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Will you do a gift guide for women with girlfriends? I think the framing is different than “for your bestie,” “gifts under $25,” etc.


Significant other girlfriends? Or best friend kind of girlfriend? Just want to make sure I’m on the same page!


Ditto. All the gift guides I’ve seen around are incredibly heteronormative.


Thank you!!!! I’m doing gift guides based on recommendations/requests! Love hearing what you actually want to see. Putting it on my list now!


I totally agree with you that you need to know a little bit about the guy to know what to get him. Think about what he likes to do and his hobbies, but even then they are still hard to buy for. I love the monograms travel bag, that makes such a good gift!
Kelsey |


So glad you included this Dopp Kit! I bought it on a whim for my boyfriend when I was browsing the Tuckernuck sale! I think he will love that and the Smather and Branson Wallet I got him! Glad we are on the same page!


Sephora has an awesome dopp kit bag that comes with a selection of 8 sample colognes and you also get a gift certificate for a full size bottle once you decide which sample you like! Great for Men who are hard to buy for and there is a selection for women as well! Best part? $65!!


That Stanley one handed thermos is def a hit with the men in my life!! Funnily enough, I am having trouble figuring out what to ask for Christmas rather than what I am giving. I don’t have the patience to wait till Christmas when I can buy it now!

Katie Jo

I love that you’re doing gift guides! They’re always so helpful. I’m a big fan of the Smathers and Branson keychains–my boyfriend and I both have the Auburn University one!


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