On My Radar

Another week on Nantucket and I have to say… I’m loving life. To be honest, I felt completely crazy coming back for another week, but it (as always) was so worth it. We still have a couple of more days here, and while it’s been partly for work, it’s also been a great time too….


Throwing My Phone in the Ocean

I have a confession right now: I’m so sick of my phone. And the really sad part about this? I have a number of friends who feel the same way. I recently talked Maxie off of the ledge as she was tempted to trade her iPhone in for a flip phone. I 100% understood where…


Under $50

I refuse to think about riding boots and cable knit sweaters just yet. I’m bracing myself for when all the stores switch over their summer inventory for the fall inventory. But for the time being, there are still some great deals out there! I rounded up over twenty items under $50!!!


Beach Day

When people find out that I grew up in Florida, I think they assume that I went to the beach every week or something. My sister goes a lot for sure, but I’m so pale that I typically don’t enjoy sitting out in the sun for too long. (Putting on sunscreen takes forever.) Even though I…


Stripes in ‘Sconset


Traveling With Friends, Part 2

This is (kind of) a part two to my original post about traveling with friends. Traveling can stress me out, but when there are friends involved, you really can’t go wrong. Well, actually, I take that back. Traveling with friends CAN go wrong, but it doesn’t have to!!! Read up on the first post because those…


On My Radar

This week was good for the soul. I extended my Nantucket visit by a day and packed in as much sun and fun as I could with some of my very favorite friends. I did get some work done so I don’t feel completely overwhelmed opening my laptop again… but I didn’t collect as many links…


Easy Ways to Live Healthier

I am the farthest thing from a health nut. I do practice “moderation” the best that I can, but I will never have the willpower to say no to a Dominos pizza. You know? That said, after getting pretty sick last year and facing a scary reality that (surprise!) I’m not invincible, I realized that…