On My Radar

Today is going to be a bit of a ramble here. Apparently, I have a lot on my mind! I’m really missing my fam this week. That’s the worst part visiting… I always feel the homesickness a little more intensely when I’m back for a week or so. While I was in Tampa, I ended up working…


Surprise Trip to Tampa

I have been trying to plan out Tampa trips, but my schedule is all over the place. And my mom has a crazy schedule with her cake pop business. I typically go whenever I find last-minute cheap flights. (Thank goodness for JetBlue’s direct flights from Westchester to Tampa!!!!) I really wanted to be there for Mother’s…



Going out of state for college was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. To be honest, I only considered out of state schools. The only big state school I considered at all was UVA, and no school in Florida really spoke to me. (I think a lot of people who read my blog…


Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Sharing the Kate Spade surprise sale that just started. They pop up every month or so, but this one is great timing for graduation gifts and summer internships and first jobs!


Gingham Galore

Nordstrom just started carrying Draper James (and some exclusive pieces!). I promptly added this gingham dress to my cart!


One Thing We All Need to Get Better At

You know how sometimes when you’re talking with a friend, you get the feeling that they’re a little distracted and not truly listening? It doesn’t feel good. But you can also feel yourself feeling distracted or not fully engaged when trying to listen to a friend. I know I’ve been on both ends of that and…


Happy Mother’s Day!

Surprise! I flew down to Florida yesterday to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. It was such a tough secret to keep because we talk so frequently. There were a few times where I almost blew it! The funniest part though was that pretty much everyone knew, except for my mom. My dad and sister…


Bullet Journaling

Have you guys heard about Bullet Journaling before? It’s a journaling system created by Ryder Carroll, and it has a cult following. I’ve considered it from time to time but would watch a video and get overwhelmed. One of my friends texted me saying she was going to start one and I fell back down…


On My Radar

I’m writing this post from my bed. I never work in bed, but I tweaked my neck/shoulder yesterday!!! When I was in Palm Beach in March, I woke up one morning with a crick in my neck. It didn’t feel good, but I was fine. (I think I slept with a pillow even though I normally do not.)…