Falling for Gingham

It’s no secret that I love gingham. The print, especially of the navy and white variety, constitutes a large portion of my closet. While I wear gingham mostly in the summer, it can work for fall, too, when done right. I put away my very summery gingham dresses this past week but kept a few…


Under $25

Happy Saturday! Today I’ve rounded up 10 great products, all under $25! You can’t beat that.


On My Radar

This felt like the world’s longest week. I’m hoping I’m not getting sick, but I have been feeling super run down. On Wednesday, I even woke up at 8 am. I normally wake up well before that even on a weekend. (I don’t set alarms unless I have to be up before six because who needs…


Kate Spade Fall


Second Home First

I’m getting closer to the point where I’m ready to buy my first piece of property. While I can’t wait to build a nice little home for a family, I’m not quite there yet. A big problem with buying a house is that I don’t know where I want to live long term. For now, renting…


I Love Athleisure

I’ve never been against the athleisure trend, but I never fully embraced it myself. My idea of a comfortable outfit is jeans and a sweater, which I wear like a uniform most days.

I think because I have been spending so much time in the gym now (!!!), the idea of athleisure has really grown on me. It’s more like a way of life or something. Comfortable leggings? An oversized cozy top? Sneakers I can walk fourteen miles in without skipping a beat? Count. Me. In.


7 Apple Recipes for Fall

I already saw my first apple picking post of the year on Facebook this weekend. I was a little jealous, to be honest, because apple season is my FAVE. I love picking apples just as much as I love eating apples too. It’s that time of year again, apples are in season! My roommate came…

five outfits

1 Girl, 5 Outfits: Carolyn Molloy

I’m launching a new series today that I’m really excited about. Cup of Jo, one of my favorite blogs, has been doing a series for a few years now where they feature women and what they wear during a given week. The series is a great way to get to know women’s style and interests in…


A Few New Videos

Happy Saturday everyone! Today is the first Saturday in a while where I have no plans. I think I’m hanging out with a friend tonight, but it will likely be pretty low-key. With a hectic schedule over the past few weeks, I’m totally looking forward to sleeping in, lounging in pajamas, and maybe getting some organizing…