7 Incredible Sandwich Recipes

I love sandwiches. Whenever I go out to eat lunch, I like to get a great sandwich. I’m all for a delicious turkey club, but I’m also down to try any kind if it comes recommended. My friend Victoria makes the absolute best sandwiches (she could open up a restaurant with them), and she inspired me to…


Off the Shoulder Ruffles

I’m going to file this under “best. dress. ever.” I don’t know if it was the release of Beauty and the Beast or the upcoming summer season, but this dress popped out at me, and I knew I needed to have it. While it’s simply adorable, the price might just make it a must-have for the season. 

I dressed it up for this shoot. It would easily work for graduation festivities, weddings, and al fresco date night dinners. But I think it’d be just as cute with a pair of sandals for a more casual day around town.


What’s in My Gym Bag

As I’ve been spending more time at the gym (who am I?), I’ve been working on perfecting my gym bag situation. If I’m in a rush that day, I just waltz into the gym with my regular purse and hope for the best. But when I have time, especially if I’m planning on taking back to back classes or meeting someone after, I have to be prepared.

Here’s an idea of what I pack:


On My Radar

A few months ago I included an article about the secret to happiness. Or maybe “a” secret to happiness. It was about searching for and recognizing, slivers of joy in your life. I think about those slivers of happiness every day still. I love how simple it is. Some slivers of joy from the week:…


What to Do When You Don’t Know Where to Start

I’m sure all of you are all too familiar with the suffocating feeling when there’s so much to do that you’re not sure where to begin. I hate that feeling, but unfortunately, things get to that point now and then. Sometimes it’s a full week, and other times it’s only a day. No matter how…


Wednesday Wishlist

Last week, as I was walking to the train station, I spotted the very first buds on the tree branches. It was the most glorious sight. Hopefully, the leaves aren’t too far behind. I’m ready for the greenery, even if it means suffering through a few weeks of allergies!

Anyway, I’m rounding up some of my top picks today. I feel extra inspired to add a few spring-y things to my closet. Not that I need anything, but the online shopping right now is extra tempting.


Stretches for Before and After Working Out

One thing that I do religiously before and after working out is getting in a good stretch. If I ever did any workout before, I wouldn’t stretch. Now I know I’d be in trouble (that is, incredibly sore and potentially hurt) afterward if I didn’t.


One Question That REALLY Helps When You’re Stressed Out

You know how people say that hindsight is 20/20? This is the reverse. I’m so on board with Maxie’s mantra here. I personally use it frequently! One Question That REALLY Helps When You’re Stressed Out  Guest post by Maxie McCoy There’s not a human on this earth that doesn’t get completely frazzled, overwhelmed, or stressed out…


25% of 2017

Can you believe we’re already a full three months into the year? Every year seems to go a little bit faster. I wonder if that’s just one of the many joys of adulthood: time flying by. Even though it feels like I’ve only just blinked since January 1, I would still believe you if you…