Reader Recommendations

I love that I’m able to chat with you guys on Snapchat! I do my best to respond when I can and to read as many messages as possible… but I especially love it when you guys send me amazing recommendations. Whether it’s a new book or answering a question I have, it’s like having…


The Cutest Phone Cases

One of my favorite ways to come up with blog posts is to look to my email and Tumblr inboxes. I get a ton of questions and do my best to answer all of them. It’s funny though because there are times where I’m getting numerous questions within a short amount of time. Right now, not sure why, I’m getting a lot of questions about cute cases for iPhones! My guess is that they were Christmas gifts and everyone’s ready for something new and cute. (Or maybe Valentine’s Day gift ideas!?) Regardless, I thought I’d round up fifteen of the cutest cases right now. I want them all, tbh.


J. Crew x New Balance

Now, I’m pretty good about getting out the door for classes, but sometimes I need a little motivation, like super cute and comfortable outfits. The J. Crew x New Balance collection has been a favorite of mine. They mix and match well, so I can put together the best looks for whatever I’m doing. (I like different fits for yoga versus weightlifting versus cardio.) You can imagine my excitement when J. Crew asked me to partner on a post sharing some of the latest collection.

gift ideas

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

After posting Valentine’s Day gifts for her, I had a few requests for gifts for guys. I think shopping for guys will always be a challenge. It can be kind of exciting though, especially when you find that perfect something. Below are just a few ideas I


7 Essential Super Bowl Party Snacks

This may, hands down, be my favorite recipe round up from Louisa. My mouth was watering as I read each of them. I don’t think I can pick a favorite; and while I wasn’t planning on going to a Super Bowl party, now I think I must if only to whip up (and eat, duh)…


Dear Carly

After visiting Georgetown last week, I had been seriously thinking about what I would tell myself as a freshman if I were to write her a letter. I wish I could tell her all the spoiler alerts, but I know she wouldn’t believe it. (And I think that those amazing things should still remain surprises!)…

Cold Weather

Camel Coat

One thing I’m working on this year is just simplifying my closet and my outfits. Sometimes I feel the pressure, as a blogger, to overaccessorize and over-layer for more blog-worthy (let’s face it: Pinterest and Insta-worthy) outfits. The outfits are always something I would definitely wear, but on an everyday basis, I’m wearing much simpler and…


On My Radar

I can’t believe February is next week!!! I finally feel like I’m getting into a good groove for the year. Only took three-plus weeks, but hey, I’ll take it. I fit in some good workouts with friends, a few meetings in the city, a session with my new photographer, and started watching The O.A. on Netflix…


Cute Travel Bags

I was supposed to be taking a quick trip with a friend this weekend, but it was suddenly canceled for reasons outside of our control unfortunately. So while I’m spending the weekend at home now (planning on catching up on my reading and squeezing in a few workouts), I do wish I had somewhere to travel to… if only for the beautiful new luggage Mark and Graham just released.