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Father’s Day Gifts

Below are some ideas that I think for excellent gifts. In the past, two-thumbs-up gifts I’ve given my dad these sneakers (he LOVED them), Bose headphones, and a Nespresso maker.


An Outfit for Traveling

I pretty much wear the same thing every time I travel. Jeans. A t-shirt. And a sweater. Plus comfortable shoes. 1) It’s super comfortable. 2) It requires no thought. 3) I’m always freezing in airports and on planes. 4) I’m paranoid about spilling things or feeling wrinkly.

I switched things up (ever so slightly!) with these seaside pants! I had been eying them online and decided to go for them to try. Obsessed.
Seaside Pants // Canvas Sneakers // Lemon Scarf // Navy & White T-Shirts // Similar Necklace



Oh my gosh… I don’t even know where to start with Paris. If you’ve already been, you’re probably not going to learn anything new here. (But feel free to stick around for the photos or to hear about my experience.) If you’ve never been but want to go, this is definitely for you. Paris has been…


6 20-Minute Meals to Make for Dinner

One quick thing about this post right off the bat: don’t read it while you’re hungry (like I just did). All of these recipes from Louisa look delicious, as always, but I think that the two pasta dishes look especially great. I’m always inclined to think that quick meals are likely to just be simple…


My Makeup Routine with Nordstrom

I can still remember the day my mom took me to the Bobbi Brown makeup counter at Nordstrom to get a few little things for high school. It felt like a huge deal to fourteen-year-old Carly. I’d always gone to Nordstrom to get my makeup done for dances, but to walk away with makeup besides matching lipstick and lipgloss felt like a dream come true.

Nordstrom remains one my favorite places to shop for makeup. I always like to poke around when I’m in the store, but I also do all my online reorders of my go-to’s when I run out.

Honestly, my makeup routine hardly changes. Occasionally I’ll find a new product that I absolutely love, but for the most part, I stick with the things I know I really love. I never take more than five minutes on my makeup either– the quicker, the better!

Here’s my current routine:


Q&A Video and Post

On Instagram a few weeks ago, I asked for people to leave questions they had for me in the comments. I received so many good ones that I had to break it up. I filmed a video (the dogs were going crazy, and my hair was a mess, but done is better than perfect, right?)…


On My Radar

I’m definitely experiencing some jet lag this week. I’m not a good traveler by nature, and I think I was running purely on adrenaline (well that and espresso) while in Paris. Now it’s all catching up with me. Other than drowsiness, I had an otherwise productive week. I just love crossing things off my list…


Cutest Hotel in Paris

I’m still going through an organizing how I want to do the posts for my Paris trip. I have a LOT to share and needless to say, it was an incredible trip. I think that I’m going to kick of my itinerary and outfit posts next week so I have some more time to organize…


Pushing Through Fear

Photo by Carter Fish I got a comment the other day from someone. I had to block her IP address for repeatedly leaving the rudest comments. (Like beyond rude really… they’re insane.) I still see the comment in my email even though they don’t get published. But the comment was roughly about how I need…