Seersucker in ‘Sconset

Happy August! I know there’s plenty more of summer left (­čÖî­čĆ╗), but there’s something about the beginning of August that makes the back to school/end of summer feeling come back. Our school always started in the first or second week of August, and I think that has just always stuck with me. Half of me wants to hold onto the warm, long nights and the other half is tempted to run to my local office supply store and stock up on pencils.


6 Slow Cooker Recipes to Try This Summer

I just cleaned out and organized my kitchen cabinets. I typically keep my slow cooker tucked out of the way during the summer and then pull it back out in the fall. Well, now I think I need to bring it out! I love the idea of doing a fun barbecue dish in the slow…


A Nantucket Bike Ride

This sounds a little strange, but part of me┬áloves riding bikes, and the other part of me is terrified of it. I’ve done more bike riding this year than I think I ever have as an adult, and I have mixed emotions about it. I was reminded of how scary it could be in Paris as we were riding next to traffic and crossing major intersections every thirty seconds. It was not┬áfor the faint of the heart.


Two TV Shows

Okay, so I shared two books that I read earlier this week. I thought since it’s the weekend now though, I’d share two television series that I recommend watching. Maybe you have some downtime to binge watch a few episodes before Monday rolls around. First up:┬áThe Bold Type To be completely frank, when I first…


On My Radar

Did anyone else feel like this was the longest week ever? On Tuesday, I was convinced it was Thursday!!! On top of my regular work, I did some little sprucing up around my apartment. I do weekly deep cleans and daily tidying, but I had been neglecting little things. I got a few cabinets in…


Two Books I LOVED

It’s been ages since I felt like I read a book that┬áreally spoke to me. This year I have given a few books the elusive five-star rating on my Goodreads account. It’s so hard to rate books on there, to be honest, and I wish I could rate specific elements of the book differently. (Oh,…


She Sells Seashells by the Seashore

I cannot say enough great things about this plunge v-neck bathing suit. When you find a good one, I feel like everyone should know about it. It’s amazing, and I would say that it would be flattering on many different body┬átypes. I bought my usual size in one-pieces from J. Crew (size 2) and found the straps and length to be perfect on me.


Nantucket Travel Guide

I feel like I’ve been to Nantucket enough times where I can offer┬ásome advice on how to plan a great trip. That said, I’m┬ánot an expert on the island. Despite its relatively small size (less than 48 square miles!), there are always new pockets to explore. I certainly haven’t covered it all, but isn’t that…


Why Mistakes Can Be Total Magic

Maxie texted me the other week about a “mistake” she had made. (I use the word lightly because I don’t even consider it a mistake so much as a learning lesson!) She was sort of beating herself up over it and totally didn’t have to. Was it an ideal situation? Nope! But she made the…