25% of 2017

Can you believe we’re already a full three months into the year? Every year seems to go a little bit faster. I wonder if that’s just one of the many joys of adulthood: time flying by. Even though it feels like I’ve only just blinked since January 1, I would still believe you if you…


What I’m Loving

Happy Saturday everyone. I’m excited to take it easy this weekend. Hope you guys have fun plans, whether it’s out and about or inside and cozy (no judgment from me). I thought it’d be fun today to round up a few the things that I really love right now. Headspace // I’ve had a number…


On My Radar

Today is a particularly sad day. It’s the last day dogs are allowed on the beach until December! I’ve been taking the dogs as much as possible knowing the days are limited. We’ve brought home about 1/3 of the sand from the beach for sure– it’s currently sitting in my car. Worth it though! Of…


Formal and Prom Dresses


What I Eat in a Week

I was thinking about doing a post like this, and I was kind of on the fence about it. I inquired on social if this was something you guys were interested in reading it and the response was an overwhelming “yes!” A few disclaimers though: – I’m not a foodie. I’m not creating elaborate meals…


6 Recipes for Meal Prep Sunday

I’ve been slowly (very, very slowly) getting better at preparing my meals at home. I’m sharing more about that this week, in fact, but a big part of it is grocery shopping on one day and getting what I need for the week. I know this is common sense, but, um, it took me a…


Stripes for Days

It seems like I’m really focusing on all those classic staple pieces in my closet on my blog this year. Today, it’s all about the striped shirt. Now, I can’t lie here… there is not “one” striped shirt in my closet. There are many striped shirts. I can’t get enough– and not without good reason. More often than not I find myself reaching for a striped shirt instead of a plain tee. The stripes are a bit more interesting, and they really are so classic looking.

I’m all for all kinds of stripes, but if you were to get just one, a Saint James navy and white shirt would be my top recommendation. I’ve had this shirt for years. I’m pretty sure I got it in 2012, and it’s remained one of my favorites.


Your Ideal Weekend

I was taking a look at my calendar this weekend, and it dawned on me that my weekends have changed drastically over the years. As a kid, my weekends were spent schlepping around the state of Florida for my sister’s soccer tournaments. Then in high school, I had an insane amount of homework on top of…