Fun Things to Do with Family over the Holidays

Okay while I absolutely LOVE my family and really do relish every minute I am in town, we can get on each other’s nerves. Nothing bad, just typical family stuff. Mixing in cousins and aunts and uncles and friends and all kinds of relatives can only heighten that. And why do tensions tend to run…


New Year’s Eve Outfits


5 Holiday Appetizers to Celebrate this Holiday Season

Because we have family coming over on Christmas, I’m sure my mom and I are going to be doing some last minute grocery store shopping to prep for company. Not only do Louisa’s appetizers seem like perfect options for the day, but I also had to laugh at the cheese board. There’s a 100% chance…


Holiday Traditions

Do you guys have traditions around the holidays? Traditions are some of my favorite things in the world. Not everyone is dedicated to making sure they happen every year, but that’s 60% of the fun for me! I also love hearing about other family traditions. I’m sharing some of my favorite traditions here and would…


Workout Gear

My mom kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas, but I really have everything I could possibly need. The only thing I could come up with, that I would actually use was workout gear. I’ve been working out a lot and it’s been really great. Not only am I in the habit of it, I’ve figured out what I actually enjoy doing. And I’ve learned that I HAVE to enjoy it to do it.

I have been absolutely loving my tennis lessons (hoping to play in Tampa while I’m visiting), I’m still obsessed with yoga, and I joined a new gym a few months ago where I take this amazing weightlifting class. In the new year, I’m going to be sharing even more about my routine and hopefully even kicking it up a notch (or two). Oh! And ski season is here, too!

While I’m not terribly picky about what I wear while working out (as long as I’m comfortable, I’m good to go), it doesn’t hurt to also feel cute!


On My Radar

Not the best quality, but how amazing is this photo of my Grandma and Grandpa?! They lived on a beach in North Carolina and were clearly quite festive. (Also, not sure that I forgive my dad for giving away his yellow Volkswagen to them! Ha! We called it “the funny car.”) If you go back…


Cookie Recipes for the Holidays

I was just putting together a list of things I want to do while I’m visiting my family in Florida for the holidays. I’m going to be down there for a full two weeks and my list of things to do has gotten pretty ambitious. But one thing that is non-negotiable: baking. My mom is…


The iPhone 7 Plus

I get a lot of questions about blogging, naturally. One of the questions I get asked is what camera I use for blog photos and Instagram. To be honest, I think the camera is the last part of the equation. You can get away with using just a simple point and shoot (or a phone camera)…

gift ideas

Gifts for Coworkers!

This has been my second-most requested gift guide. I totally get wanting to make sure your coworkers know you appreciate them, especially after a long year! But I also don’t think you have to spend a lot (or any) money to let them know. A note of appreciation or grabbing their favorite Peppermint Mocha on the way to work can say a lot.

BUT, I am rounding up a few cute gifts for coworkers. These are mostly for girls, but you can use the ideas as jumping off points in your gifting quests. Also, these things are so cute, I’d love them for myself and I think you might feel the same way!

I personally think these $4 mini manicure matchbooks (with tear off files!) are brilliant for coworkers. Although I don’t have coworkers, I did buy a ton of Sugarfina’s bento boxes for my end-of-year corporate gifts… they’re crowd pleasers! And these nameplates are the best for coworkers and bosses (that you have a great relationship with, of course). Another great option are these mini coffee kits; they’re made by Pinch Provisions, the same people behind the Minimergency kits.